The Sound of Bubbles Bursting

First of all, a note to those of us in a certain section of northeastern IL: Brock Merck is real.  Bad news is that he is a politician.  He was a Green Party candidate for some county office, but oddly enough, among his Facebook likes are the NRA and a few other associations I really don’t much care for in politicians.

Why do I mention this?  Because for the past year or so, mysterious “handwritten” cardboard signs have been appearing on front lawns and on roadsides proclaiming: “Who is Brock Merck?”  Save Us, Brock Merck!” and finally “Vote for Brock Merck!”

Like just about everyone else, I thought Hollywood had gone to a new way or promoting upcoming movies, or at least some video-game vendor had thought up a bizarre new way of promoting a game.  So I refused to mention it or even Google the name for a long time, until Monday.  It was then that I found out that Brock Merck does exist, and that he’s some kind of political wannabe — like I said, running for the Green Party, but with odd associations for someone of that ilk.  To put it mildly, I’d say he likes his tea green.

It’s no matter.  He lost big time, and I’m now waiting for a sign I’m sure we will never see: “Bye-Bye Brockie.”  Or how about this: “Brock Merck: It Didn’t Work.”


I’m sure everyone’s hanging their heads over the fact that the Republicans won the House, wringing their hands over the “fact” that Obama is sooooo unpopular that he lost the Democrats this election, and blah, blah, blah.  But let me tell you this — remember my offer yesterday to turn this blog into a faux right-wing blabberplace if enough teabaggers won their elections?  Ain’t gonna happen, at least not yet.  Here’s why:

(1) After merrily waving goodbye to many (but not all) of the Craziest of the Crazy, such as Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, I sorta wish there had been a teabagger sweep of Capitol Hill.  Why?  Because it would have GUARANTEED Obama a second term as President.  Why am I saying such a thing?  Because nothing worse could happen to a teabagger than being elected.  Think about it.

(2) Haven’t the teabaggers fixed the economy yet?  I mean, it’s been a whole 17 hours since the polls closed.  We can ride them on that one for the next 2 years!

(3) Yet once more I was forced to listen in on a teabagger radio show the day before election day.  Let me tell you, host and callers were positively giddy about the prospect of taking over Washington.  They didn’t.  So today I’m betting the talk is all about the election was stolen and various nefarious schemes on the part of the Democrats to do just that.  I did hear tell of one asshole in New York who was threatening his victorious Democratic opponent with…get this…a baseball bat. Charming.

(4) Have the teabaggers gutted healthcare reform yet?  We’re waiting, ‘cuz let me tell you: the moment they do, it will be the end of them.

(5) Finally, just a thought for any teabagger who’s still feeling giddy in spite of it all: the results of this election were pretty standard for midterm elections, and perhaps below expectations (for the teabaggers, that is) for a midterm election in the midst of a lousy economy. There was no grand sweep of a broom, just a noticeable nudge. 

That’s reality.  Get over it.

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