As I was saying

…and I have been, for a couple of years:

I’m glad someone else finally noticed that the Queen Ester/Sarah Palin thing does not have an unlimited success rate, if only because it is so contradictory.  In that blinkered corner of the world, it’s high time the little women shut up and went home, if only until the next time they are to be trotted out and served up as hyper-conservative fashion dolls.

As for the rest of the election, in spite of the media stating the merely obvious on top of the completely redundant without, apparently, doing much thinking in between, I still say that this week’s election was no mandate and no giant repudiation.  Anyone believing it was either is a fool.  All the election proved is that if you pass enough shit around long enough, people will start to cherish it — some people, that is, and sometimes enough to tip the scale one way or another.

Yesterday, for instance, I had a conversation with a coworker who was against healthcare reform simply because he knew nothing about it but Sarah Palin’s scare stories and numerous other media-based poisons.  When I explained to him that healthcare reform is actually beneficial, and that the teabaggers have vowed to get rid of it because their corporate overlords are afraid of it and thus are spreading lies about it, he came to this startling conclusion: Who knew that with healthcare reform, you won’t have to waste your time working at an $8.00 an hour job just to keep insurance?  I didn’t know that.  I’m all for it now.”

There you go: benefits to the economy and the American worker.  No death panels.  Who knew?  Almost no one, because the media were wasting time focusing on Sarah Palin and the Crazy Ladies.

And now very few in the media — and consequently, the general public — are considering the basic truths, and the fact that a political Crazy Lady is a walking contradiction is one of them.  There are others.

Let’s stop taking the easy route and sit and consider that for a while, and then move on.

P.S. — As an aside, the vapid Mark Kirk proved once again that lying about your military record and working against the American worker and promising to gut healthcare reform are all not as bad as being a Democrat.  Looks like he studied George W. Bush and learned his lesson well.  As for the studied stupidity of Bill Brady in the governor’s race, the jury’s still out as of this hour; if Pat Quinn retains his office it will be by a mouse’s squeak only.  And that’s sad.

Good news is that Californians rejected the stunningly nasty Carly Fiorina (she even looks mean) who was running for the Senate post.  For once, some news out of that strange state makes sense.  Could they pass some of that along to us back east?