If Sarah Palin is an Environmentalist, I’m the President of the U.S.A.

Saw a snippet of Palin’s Discovery Channel “reality” show, and all it seems to be about is her sitting on her porch “doing research for (my) writing.”  Her hubby strolls up, trying to act natural (“oh hi, you must be Sarah and I must be Todd.”)  And that’s it.  That’s all there was…of course, this was a short clip.

But why do I believe there is little more to the show than that?

Well basically it’s because I understand the show is called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”  If that’s so, she must occupy a very tiny corner of it — you know, like her porch.  Honestly, “Alaska” in the title speaks to me of scenic vistas and hardscrabble lives and yes…environmentalism.  Alaska is an easy choice for a show about environmentalism.  It is huge and almost menacing, yet it is fragile.  It is extreme and largely untamed.  It is hardly suburbanized, banal and materialistic.

That is to say that Alaska does NOT speak to me of Palin sitting on her porch “doing research” and having some badly-acted chit-chat with her husband, much of which seemed to be about an irritating neighbor.  In fact it does not speak to me of Sarah Palin, the ultimate anti-environment screech, at all.

It’s bad enough that Discovery is in the process of turning the entire profession of storm chasing into a Hollywood melodrama, sullying the names of a few actual chasers in the process, (not to mention outraging the chaser community by stealing storm footage and making false claims).  But do we really have to put up with a faux-Alaskafest from Sarah Palin on top it it?  I think not.

For what it’s worth, here’s a petition to get Palin’s nature show on Faux News where it belongs:

Anti-Palin Discovery Show Petition

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