Is It Dumb Yet?

You will not be able to believe what the Wasilla Windbag said this time:

Sarah Palin on “Our North Korean Allies”

She is not receiving a Stupid of the Day Award because it would be redundant.  I just have two questions to ask her followers: is it dumb yet?…or if not, what the hell is the excuse this time?

P.S.  Sarah’s apologists pointed out that 9 seconds before her “North Korean allies” statement, she in fact got it right and said something about “South Korean allies.”  In their minds, I guess this excuses the whole thing.  No, it does not.  It’s still extremely troubling that she got it wrong at all because her own history leaves her no room for such an error, let alone the fact that she’s apparently considering running for President.  There is no excuse.

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