Aaron Sorkin on the Palin Moose Massacre

I admit that I’ve only seen about 1 minute of Sarah Palin’s show, and that minute showed her having a very stilted “Hi, I must be Sarah and you must be Todd” discussion with her husband.  And then there was something about an irritating neighbor, if I remember correctly.  So was I wrong to assume that (Sarah Palin’s) Alaska was all about bad acting and irritating neighbors?  Gosh.  And here I thought that a state containing roughly 663,268 square miles and only about as many people wouldn’t have too many “neighbor problems.”  Silly me.  “What an amazing show this must be if that’s the case,” I thought.  But still, I never even tried to watch it.

Then I heard that the show went from a paltry 5,000,000 viewers on the first week (I mean, it was the stuff of legend for The Learning Channel, but for TV in general?  Pretty unremarkable), to whatever is 40% less than that the next week, to…well, they’re not talking about it now.

And now I hear something about moose butchering.  I’m sure that made the ratings soar again…or at least, it will once people catch wind of it.  What could be better?  Sarah takes on the evil PETA that’s causing socialism and communism and Russians flying over Alaska and taking away our guns and out of control spending saving the Constitution that’s ruining the lives of real Americans — Sarah to the rescue!  Even if no one can figure out what the hell she’s rescuing us from, or how, or why.  Mostly it seems she’s merely rescuing us from the blessed peace of not hearing a word about her.  And maybe that’s the point.

Anyway, I found this interesting blog post from one Aaron Sorkin today on the subject and thought you would enjoy it:

The Moose Killer

P.S. I know the only way to make Palin go away is to ignore her, but she’s an expert at making that difficult.

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