Looking for a Silver Lining (and only seeing a tornado)

(edited 12/9/10)

Okay, almost everyone’s together on this one: progressives, conservatives, even people like me.  The only ones who probably haven’t worked it out yet are the teabaggers. That’s no big surprise because, well, they’ve yet to work anything out.  Think about it: they just got what they wanted, or did they? What do you want to bet that even they don’t know for sure?  And that they’re furious with Obama anyway, for caving in on their own candidates’ demands?

I mean, if you’re a Fox News commentator, what the hell do you say? (I am positive that they’ve already thought of something; certainly Sarah Palin has because she Tweeted an incoherent attack that lashed out at everyone while at the same time trying to exonerate the Republicans in the scenario — they were, after all, the ones that got what they wanted but that’s not what they got, or it’s exactly what they wanted, but anyway it’s all Obama’s fault according to Sarah…or something like that.)

So what am I talking about?  What is it that we are all together on?  We are together, for once, in being against the extension of tax cuts for the rich because it’s a scheme that has not shown much, if any, benefit for our economy in 30 years and it showed no benefit whatsoever during the Shrub Administration.  Yet the cuts are about to be extended.  Again.  (Note: I spend most of this blog entry talking about the extension as if it has already passed Congress because it’s such a phenomenally bad idea that I assume it will.)

No surprise that no one is happy about this but the Republicans/teabaggers who had their way paid into Congress by the very rich folks they have now paid back by merely threatening to hold their breath until they turned blue if they didn’t get their way on the issue of tax cuts.  Oh goody!  Now to turn our attention to pressing matters like the war on Christmas…and on soliciting donations for the RNC from the very rich people they just liberated!

Of course, most of us wanted to see them hold their breath until they turned blue and dropped dead.  But somehow, that did not include Obama.  And we are left to guess why.

All I can think of is that there are a few things on the horizon: the election of 2012, and a possible economic collapse in China.

How does China figure into this?  Because they are loaning us the missing money that we won’t be getting, that would have come from from our rich folks if the tax cuts had not been extended.  China has money right now; we don’t.  But you see, the Chinese economy is on the same sort of bubble our economy was on for about 7 years before it imploded.  That’s right.  Some folks in Australia, which is currently partially dependent on the income from massive raw-materials exports to China, are beginning to get nervous about that.  We should be getting nervous too — too nervous to borrow money to pay for a tax cut, if nothing else.  But teabaggers never look that far ahead.  All they think about is that they want to pay back their benefactors and do it now, and then get on to the real important stuff like handing out rifles to first graders.  Gotta make our apocalyptic visions come true, you know!

Anyway, I’m thinking that it could be that the Obama Administration is betting that the Chinese economy will collapse before 2012, taking with it all the remaining excuses to extend tax cuts to the rich (and tax increases for the poor) beyond that.  Why?  Because there will be no other place to get the money after that, except at home.

It could be that the Obama Administration also sees some benefit in the extension becoming a unifying factor for all the warring factions within our country — except the teabaggers, that is.  And who cares about them?  If they continue on their mad, merry way, 2012 will be the end…of them.  You can only try to turn the U.S. into a creationist theme park for so long before reality catches up with you, or at least the bills come due.

I should mention that I’m pretty much alone in finding any silver lining at all in this catastrophe.  Most folks are looking at the horizon and only seeing a huge tornado sucking up everything in sight.

It’s hard to keep positive in a case like this, and I’m probably wrong about everything.  And maybe it would be more fun to get swept away by that twister, anyway.   But we’ll see.  The next 2 years will tell us everything.

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