Taking a Small Break

Those who know me know that I’ve been ill with some sort of respiratory virus since before Thanksgiving.  It’s finally gotten the better of me and I’ll be taking the next few weeks (now to New Years Day) off.  Cya next year, but I’m not going before making  a remark or two.

There seems to be a stepped-up amount of whining this year over any attempt to (excuse me while I gag) take CHRIST out of CHRISTmas.  All I can say is pretty much what I’ve said before:

(1) He was never there to begin with, so get over it…and

(2) We have a large number of people in this country who have no jobs or are underemployed.  They are losing their homes.  They have no health insurance.  They have no future and no hope now that Congress is blithely busying itself by doing such vapid things such as voting against imagined horrors like healthcare for 9/11 first responders and a ban in child marriage.  No one seems to be able to face the facts that the Rebiblicans caused the financial meltdown to begin with, and that we can’t possibly fix it by applying the same old remedies that never worked before and then shrugging as they don’t work yet again.

Bet on this: next they’ll be getting down to business, getting terribly upset — I mean, they won’t just pass a law against it without dumping the Teabaggers into the streets with oodles of idiotic and ill-spelled signs — about some left-wing anti-Christ attempt to declare Twinkies to be junk food.  Fox News will be howling and their minions on Capitol Hill will humbly obey.  Meanwhile, people will be starving and only be answered by a hollow echo saying something about what lazy worthless asses they are because their jobs have been shipped overseas, their homes have been foreclosed, they can’t pay for healthcare and their expensive college degrees are worthless*.  “Nothing to see here,” we will be told,  just before the next manufactured outrage arises… probably this time about some former teen star wearing a shockingly low-cut dress to an awards ceremony.

So with that, I leave you to enjoy your holidays, whatever they may be.  Happy Yule and New Year.

*”Oh, that’s just because they majored in Liberal Arts,” you say?  Guess again, sports fans.   For example, among my acquaintances are 2 recently-graduated nurses who cannot find employment; meantime it’s said that area hospitals are very, very busy expensively importing nurses from other countries.  And I’m leaving out the un-and-underemployed teachers I know, including a college science professor.

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