Bachmann for President???

News is that Bachmann’s “not ruling it out.”  Sound familiar?  Well, yes…Sarah Palin has hinted at sorta you-know saying maybe the same thing you betcha.  I’ll get back to you on that.  *wink*

Bachmann vs. Palin.  Oh, the mind boggles.  Or rather, it goes on vacation.

Actually I predicted this a while ago, didn’t I? — that eventually, Palin would run for President.  What I never thought was that Bachmann would consider running against her.  I just thought that Palin would pick Bachmann as her running mate, perhaps later naming Christine O’Donnell as her Secretary of State.  Ah, bliss.  A triumvirate of crazy.

Before we forget…we forgot Sharron Angle?  Naw…never.  I’m sure she could find work as Secretary of the Interior.  Gotta be on the lookout for Asian Hispanics, you know.

But not so fast.  Seriously, I believe this is what will happen:

(1) Palin will not run for President.  I see Bachmann suddenly piping up about being a Presidential candidate as proof of this; I am not saying this because Palin is currently undergoing yet another brief period of being unfashionable.  She will recover from that; she always does.  But she is also allergic to actual work, and somewhere along the line she will realize that even the process of running for President is a wearying job (imagine actually BEING President!) — especially when you can’t think straight enough to answer a simple question on a policy issue.

(2) Bachmann will run for President, but will never gain the nomination.  Not even close.  She’ll be forced to drop out of the primaries less than halfway through.  She may not be too crazy for her own district (which is frightening), but she is definitely too crazy for many of the rest of us.

(3) O’Donnell will spend most of the her middle-age years in court, trying to explain her finances.  There will be little time to run for office again, let alone assume a massive job (Secretary of State), that she is massively unqualified for.  As for running for President?  She wouldn’t last one primary.  In a Teabagger field of feather-brains, she’s such fluffy down that she merely floats away.

So there’s my prediction; we’ll see what transpires.  In the meantime, I leave you with a few questions that I will be repeating often in the coming months: Have the teabaggers fixed the economy yet?


Why not?

P.S. Here’s The Teabagger Rag for your entertainment

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