I haven’t any more information than anyone else about the attempt on AZ Representative Giffords’ life (there is currently more than the usual amount of confusion about what has transpired), so I’ll leave that alone except to offer my deepest sympathy to everyone who was harmed in this situation, and to the families of those who were killed.

The only thing I’ll add at this point is this: Maddow Blog.  I think it’s very necessary reading for anyone trying to make sense of this situation, which should include just about everyone right now.  Yes, it’s about Sarah Palin.  Yes, she has found yet another way to get publicity — by apparently hinting at violence as a consequence of not listening to her fucking nonsense, or at least using symbols of potential violence; in this case cross-hairs.  It’s too early to tell if this particular scheme resulted in this horrific act (see update below), but it’s also too early to rule it out.  (Even more information is available at Palingates.)

I also found it interesting that the murderer was apparently captured on the scene, but his identity has yet to be revealed.  Why is he being protected?  Later update: he has now been identified…or at least someone has been identified who has one very disquieting “favorite” video on YouTube, and three of his own very, very strange videos there as well, all of which were uploaded recently.  From whatever little bit of sense I can make of his gibberish, he is not a classic teabagger, nor is he liberal.  Seems more like he’s off in his own little world — just the sort of person who might be receptive to any slight hint that violence is okay.

Judging from a pro-Palin’s webmaster’s action (instantly taking down the “Take Back the 20” “crosshairs” page when the news broke about the shooting), on some level even s/he knows that Palin is a bad influence…and doesn’t want to be held responsible.  (Latest update is that the graphic is still available on other Palin haunts such as Facebook, which is totally Palin — gotta have that freedom of speech, yuh know, and it’s not her fault just like nothing else is!)

That said, I have only this to add: whatever eventually comes to light about this situation, Sarah Palin, you are beneath contempt.

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