The Buck Stops Elsewhere

Palingates today posted this video on YouTube.

My comment: although I don’t hold Sarah Palin solely responsible for the shootings in Arizona, I do think she’s culpable for one reason: she is, by her own ambition and effort, a public figure who uses incendiary language.  She may be a joke to many, even most of us, but there are those who take her seriously.  And she has used whatever position she has to abuse other people’s children (by feeding approximately one mountainful of sugar to a classroom full of kids), abuse other politicians, and abuse the American public.  And this is all because of some notion that she has answers.

Those of us who are less than enamored of her have long recognized that she is no leader, and her statement on this event just proved it.  In Palin’s world, the buck stops elsewhere.  She’s merely a malicious house cat who bites her kindly owner.

As I said, part of her abuse of fame has been the use of incendiary language.  Much of this has centered around her fondness for guns.

Working with the public, I realize that there are a fair number of people out there who are mentally fragile, and all they need is a face on a screen telling them, in any subtle way, that violence is okay.  Sensing that it may be okay, they’ll turn around and do something terrible.

Again, this particular incident is not traceable directly to Sarah Palin.  But that does not mean she’s innocent.  Instead of staying above the ugliness, she has wallowed in it.

If she keeps it up, one day there will be an incident that will be linked specifically to her.  And if this incident has damaged her reputation slightly, anything like that would be the end of her public career.  There is, after all, still such a thing as disgrace, even though a lot of right-wing pundits have to insult civility many, many times before they get there.  (Look at the Fat Man…although I must also observe that the public has less patience for women than for men.)

Since she only understands self-preservation, perhaps she should keep that in mind.

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