Palin Fatigue

Stephen Colbert discusses Palin Fatigue.

I guess I’m there, too.  I’ve noted in the past that the majority (not all) of this blog’s most-read posts are on the subject of Sarah Palin, and often I’ve fed the fire just to keep the ratings up.  But I recognized long ago that I don’t cover any new ground on that subject (actually I don’t on any subject; I’m merely a commentator rather than a reporter), and that this sort of thing is best left to an investigative blog such as Palingates (link on the right side of this page).

Once in a while I get so fed up with the ongoing travesty called Sarah Palin that I wonder just when everyone is going to get sick of her.  “Everyone” includes me.

Well, I’m finally there.  I’ve gotten there before and retreated, and no doubt that will happen again.  But right now, I can’t stand another minute of even thinking about her.

It could just be something in the air; her ratings are way down at the moment, and even her staunchest media allies — those people who have been trying so hard to turn her into something resembling a real quasi-political Barbie doll just for the thrill (and great story!) of creating a D-list President — must have noticed that she had a reality show that lasted but one season, and that her second coloring book/political manifesto, which probably concerned roguish ex-fiances-in-law and dastardly neighbors more than anything else, didn’t cause even a fraction of the stir the first one did.  Even in their measure of reality, that must have been too devastatingly real not to notice.

Whether that will be the kiss of no tomorrow for her career remains to be seen.  Somehow I doubt it.  But one can hope.

In the meantime, I am temporarily too tired to care.

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