On the Matter of Palingates

As many of the readers of this (non)blog are aware, there has been a controversy over at the blog Palingates.  The owner of the blog has dismissed two co-writers/researchers over editorial differences.

I give Regina my full support and wish the best for Patrick and Kathleen in their future endeavors.  And no, I know nothing more about this story than anyone else on the outside does.

The reason I am addressing this issue is that this (non)blog only got on the map due to the fact that Regina discovered, and found amusing, a post I wrote in Sarah Palin’s voice (or as best I could write in that whine before I got a headache).  She reprinted the post on Palingates, which resulted in the single biggest week of hits this (non)blog has ever had.  Very soon after, she posted a link to Civilization Rant on Palingates.  Ever since then, even though this little (non)blog has been visited from other sources, the vast majority of my hits still come from Palingates.  And for that I am forever grateful.

This is why I feel the need to post about this matter.  There were numerous comments about the event on Palingates, and many of them were saying things like “champagne corks must be popping at the Palin compound,” and “Sarah wins!”

To which I say respectfully (for a change — I am not normally this nice), “poppycock.”

Sarah Palin has won nothing.  In fact, although she may merely be going through an unusually rough time at the moment, she finally appears to be sliding slowly on the down-slope of fame.  Her disastrous pre-rebuttal to Obama’s speech about the Arizona shootings unexpectedly boomeranged on her.  It was partially due to the fact that President Obama did such a wonderful job on his own speech, but it was mostly because she came off looking like the self-centered whiner that those of us who were never in her fan club always knew she was.  The effect was so devastating that even some of her supporters had their eyelids pried wide open.  They must have felt like they were seeing her for the first time, in a harsh light.  And she did it to herself. There was no one else to blame.  That had never happened before.

Meantime Michele Bachmann started making noises about running for the Presidency, which told me that Sarah’s proverbial 15 minutes must indeed be ticking to a close.  A year ago, I wager Bachmann would never have dared hint at such a thing for fear of offending Sarah.  It became especially clear as she was mumbling and jumbling her nonsensical teabagger SOTU rebuttal that she no longer cares.  And the Tea Party no longer cares.  Except for Fox News, it seems, Sarah is on her own for once.  Which is to say that in the end, Sarah will be the one to put herself out of business.  No one else.  And she is, for once, doing a grand job of just that.

Of course, this is Sarah.  Time will tell if she really is finished, and I have no doubt she’ll put up a hell of a fight to stay in the limelight — even if it’s only by forcing us to witness her have a nervous breakdown.

And so the controversy at Palingates will come and go; no doubt there will be a new blog born in the meantime while Palingates goes on as it was originally.

Palingates always was and remains a treasure trove of Palin information and I will continue to go there for the latest news, and when I need to learn or confirm something.  And I will always be grateful to them for exposing my little (non)blog to the world.

Again, I wish the best to everyone involved.

P.S. — if you’re wondering why I keep saying (non)blog, just look at this place.  I never research very much.  I don’t report.  I just comment on whatever catches my interest.  I generally don’t accept reader comments or ratings.  Which is to say, this ain’t a blog.  It’s just me enjoying myself, or at least spouting off when I can’t.

I am rarely civil in this (non)blog, but I draw some lines that I do not cross: threats or wishes of physical harm are out of bounds for me, and I publish no charges of pure evil that I can’t back up with facts.  Lastly, I usually (not always) leave family matters alone.   For example,  I’m aware that wronged wives generally (not always) come out looking like heroines when their husbands have been caught straying, and so when a story like this surfaced about Sarah Palin and her husband, I was not interested.  But the prospect of finally having all their official Alaska-governor’s-office emails published?  Now, that may be interesting.

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