Supreme Toxicity

In the midst of an unresolved and (in the case of Obama and most of the rest on Capitol Hill, unrecognized) economic depression, one more bit of bad news has come to light: neoconservatism has not only destroyed the economy, but also poisoned the Supreme Court.  That is to say that they’re corrupt as hell — at least some of them are.

More specifically, I present the names Alito, Scalia and Thomas for your consideration.  Just do about 5 minutes on Google and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

You’ll also undoubtedly see a bit about the Koch brothers (the billionaire leaders of the Teabaggers) and Citizens United.  But if you want it all boiled down into one video, watch this.

Not that corruption on the Supreme Court is anything new, but folks, this is serious stuff and you need to know about it.  It’ll tell you how we got in this mess, if nothing else, and clarify that indeed the teabaggers are being taken for a ride at the very front of the bus that’s careening out of control with all of us on board.  It’s almost enough to make one feel sorry for the poor saps…which I would, if they’d just shut up and listen, and if the rest of us could only get off this damn bus before it goes over a cliff.

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