Delicious if it happens…

Roger Ailes about to be indicted?  This is wonderful if it’s true.  Every day, it seems, the news for Faux News seems to be getting worse.  And that couldn’t be better news — although I have no doubt that they’ll go down kicking and screaming, as slowly as they can possibly drag their feet.

Here’s to an end to the big power grab.

Maybe it runs in the family

Found this on WordPress’s “The Unknown Journal”: The Koch Family Tree.

Verrrry interesting…

Uh…never mind

(Update: I just discovered that I originally named this post nearly the same thing that someone else had titled a similar post on another blog, and they wrote their post before I wrote my post today.  I have changed the title of this post, but not the contents.)

Apparently Sarah Palin created a Facebook account under the name “Lou Sarah” for the purpose of “liking” everything she and her family post on Facebook, and when it was exposed she took it down and is now saying something to this effect:

“There’s always buzz about fake Sarah Palin Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please know that this is my only authentic Facebook account and SarahPalinUSA is my only authentic Twitter account. Pay no attention to the fake accounts and their fake messages.” (lifted from Politico)

Um…does that mean that anyone “liking” everything Sarah and her family do is a fake and we should pay no attention?  If so, I’m game.

Read more:

Ode to the Fat Man

This one’s for Rush Limbaugh, who has chosen to believe that the kettle calling the pot black is okay.   It’s your song, Porko.

Weird Al Yankovic — Fat

P.S. to innocent bystanders: yes, there is an ad at the start.  Sit through it.  It’s worth the moment of pain because the song is so enjoyable…and when it comes to the Fat Man, so true.

The Truth about Ronald Reagan

I’ve said this before in this blog and I’ll say it again: Ronald Reagan was not a great president.  He was not even a good one.  Even with all that, though, he had one redeeming quality: he was no teabagger.  Or maybe two: as vague as Reagan was, he was a mental giant compared to George W. Bush.

In spite of those facts, I, for one, have been sick and tired for years about the attempts to rewrite history on behalf of this idiot.  Even during his Presidency, many people suspected that he was (1) dumb, and (2) a mouthpiece; i.e., someone else was actually running the Oval Office.  Some people way back then very vocally suspected that Reagan was suffering from senility; he was that vague and detached.  The only thing slightly solid that we had to latch onto was his anorexic, arrogant wife who wore oh-so-chic “Nancy Reagan red” and refused to bow to the Queen of England  (probably less on an insult, however, than GW landing his helicopter on the Queen’s rose garden).  Some people suspected that Nancy was (gasp!) RUNNING THINGS BEHIND THE SCENES, but this only became a sin later, when the same rumor circulated about Hillary Clinton.

The attempts by the slow-witted Reagan’s handlers to make him look “vigorous” were often noted even by the media, who were not such placid corporate lapdogs as they are now (although those years were the start of their comfy slumber).

If Reagan was responsible for anything, it was for quickly turning this country from a forward-looking nation (even if angry and smarting from economic woes) into a nation of back-biting, backward-looking bullies and haters.  The ’80’s were a particularly horrible time for all but people like, say, Paris Hilton’s parents.  Those years were all about ostentation and contempt for anyone who could not buy the shiniest new toys on a whim.  Some people even had private submarines, for crying out loud.  The people who could afford shit like that were “players;” the rest of us were dog meat.  “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it,” was a popular sniff of the day.  And then they started importing cheaper dog meat to replace the poor here at home.

One thing that has been conveniently forgotten is that in his day, some of Reagan’s most ardent worshippers wanted him to be named king.  Not President — KING.  Failing that, they wanted the “two terms and out” rule to be put to an end, so Reagan could be king forever.

Ahem…I meant “always be President.”  Such respect for that Constitution his supporters had…and have.

Thom Hartmann sums it up here.  I can sum it up as someone who was there at the time.  If anyone tries to tell you that this guy was even a decent President, Hoss, they are lying to you.

P.S.  The one place I disagree with Hartmann is in his assessment of the illegal-immigrant amnesty Reagan enacted.  Of the 3 million eligible, only about a third took advantage of the amnesty.  What illegal aliens want has nothing to do with citizenship; all they want is jobs.  The idea of portable workers is a dream of the U.S. wealthy — they make money off of cheap labor; that accounts for the immigrant (legal and illegal) tsunami since the 1980’s.  Amnesty is a red herring.  Let’s forget about it and move on.

Baggers with nothing better to do…

…become the U.S. version of Mubarak’s goons: The Daily Kos.

and here’s why they have so much time on their hands: Thom Hartmann explains.

Why Am I Not Surprised

WI Gov. Scott Walker Funded by the Koch Brothers

After all, in one month flat this same wonderboy manufactured a budget crisis and tried to set unions against each other by targeting some for his draconian anti-worker measures while exempting others.  And then he threatened his own people with the National Guard, and is refusing to back down even in the face of a large and growing state-wide protest.

Meantime, I understand, Fox News is busy blaming Obama for the fact that pretty soon you will no longer be able to buy incandescent lightbulbs.  HUH?  you ask.  Yes, I answer — if it’s not Fox News, it’s definitely on the list of right-wing talking points at present and they’re definitely putting it out there, probably in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the fact that those pesky Koch brothers have popped up again, right in the middle of this latest teabagger power-drunk orgy.  I know this because an elderly, isolated relative who rarely steps out his door but always has the right-wing screamers on the radio blustered at me today, “Obama’s trying to save duh electrzity.”  Uh, yeah…duh.  What the hell does that mean…are teabaggers anti-electricity-conservation now because it involves ecology and they don’t believe in it?  (BTW, the Federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which mandates increased efficiency for certain lightbulbs, was signed into law — as the title says — in 2007.   Yes that’s TWO-THOUSAND SEVEN, before Obama was in office.)

Meantime, for those who haven’t noticed, Wisconsin’s on fire and all the teabags in the world can’t seem to smother this one, nor the fact that once again the Koch brothers are involved — this time bankrolling Wisconsin’s teabagger governor, who is the arsonist.  I think everyone should be deeply concerned and leave the goddamn incandescent lightbulbs where they belong, which is in the past.

P.S. — here’s a list of some of the products the Koch brothers’ companies produce: Koch Products.  Surprisingly, a quick glance doesn’t reveal any incandescent lightbulbs.  But for me, that’s the only surprise.

The War on Women, Part 1

I’m calling this “part 1” because the intensity of this war makes it inevitable that this is only part 1.  However, you must watch this epic speech by Rep. Jackie Speier of California, in response (no doubt) to to comments from some seed-saving male teabagger:

Jackie Speier

Thank you, Rep. Speier, for daring to make sense. 

2/19/11 update: Not surprisingly, Rep. Speier’s speech has caused an outpouring of support and possibly opened some eyes.  See this.

Let me get this straight…

Okay, this must be the way the teabaggers think.  I’ve seen a lot of troll-like reader comments attached to articles about the Wisconsin school shut-downs caused by what used to be called “blue flu,” or rather, teachers calling in sick.   The commenters suggested that the teachers — who are struggling to maintain any kind of bargaining power in their jobs — should be fired en masse .  That would be the cure.

Now John Boehner is threatening to shut the federal government down and that’s a threat.  But that’s okay.

Quick, someone explain before the stupid makes my head hurt even worse than it does already.

The Wisconsin Teabag Explosion

Here we go:  Union Protests Continue…

I repeat: the worst thing that can happen to a teabagger is to get elected.  I don’t need to prove the truth of this statement.  They keep proving it for me.

I did overhear one of those patented Wisconsin right-wing radio screamers today desperately trying to stamp out any reason lurking in the heads of those calling him on the phone (he is, after all, pro-oligarchy, which is probably no longer as easy a position to maintain as it was, even if you shout).  For a moment I was able to get past my irritation enough to be amused.  I can only hope that for him, the worst is yet to come.  Like, he’ll have to find a new job.

Februrary 17 update: word has it that the protests in Wisconsin continue today and are LARGER than they were yesterday.