Screech to a halt month

Of course you’re heard of the upcoming Sarah-Palin-in-the-media boycott, which I am referring to as Screech to a Halt Month.  Hell, even she’s heard of it.  She said something yesterday or this week or whenever that I guess was supposed to be a joke — that the boycott will keep her from being blamed for the uprising in Egypt.

Come again?  Blamed?  I think the uprising is to be commended.  Would she hesitate to take credit for that?

Anyway, I’m taking Palin and this boycott on a day-by-day basis.  If there is stupid to be discussed, and as detailed above she says something remarkably stupid, then I’ll be all over it.  I will not, however, say one word about her if Michele Bachmann — or anyone of that ilk — says something worse on the same day.

I should probably point out that this means this blog will proceed as usual.

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