The Gathering Crowds

All Glenn Beck hysteria aside, (and he IS hysterical in every shade of meaning of that word), there is the fact that in the past few years, crowds have been gathering.  In the most recent cases, Tunisia and Egypt, the crowds forced revolutions.  In Europe –Italy to be specific — they expressed dissatisfaction over sexism.  There’s still no word on what Beck’s blather on London may have been about.

There is word of gathering crowds in Iran, which actually has had a lot of crowd scenes in recent years.  But from what I heard, there may be a difference this time.

The U.S. has had its crowds, too: the Glenn Beck crowds…two of them…that no one really knew the reason for, but some nice billionaires paid for so people could talk about their love of guns and revolution against the black guy in the white house because, well, he’s black, but not the RIGHT KIND of black like Dr. King who is safely dead so Glenn Beck can claim his legacy and turn it nearly all white without anyone noticing.  And then there was the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert crowd that existed merely to counter the Beck crowd, and which was bought and paid for by other rich people.

None of these resulted in anything much.  Bread and circuses, you know.

I look at Egypt and wonder if anything similar could happen here, and I have my answer in Beck’s tearful blubbering and Hitleresque theatrical rage (people seeking liberty!  Oh, it’s AWFUL and our STUPID MEDIA refuse to see it!) and Stewart’s bubbly response (they’re looking for freedom, what’s so awful about that?): probably not.  The Tea Party is being groomed to be the U.S. version of Mubarak’s thugs, but if push comes to shove, their groomers are set to be disappointed because the Tea Party is like the rest of us: too timid to face our formidable enemies here at home.  And who are they?  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, certain members of the Supreme Court, and a majority in the House.  And let’s not forget the Koch brothers who paid for it all, and that Australian guy who runs Fox News, a.k.a. the propaganda department.  That is to say, the same people who are running the Tea Party.  And who are the Tea Party?  Well, in office they have been revealed as misogynists.  They blame women’s reproductive systems for the U.S.’s economic woes, and so they have launched an all-out war on women, as well as on that other horror: freedom of speech.

Nope, I guess even with millions out of work and the unchecked loss of jobs to cheaper countries (shrugged off in the media as merely “inevitable” and “the jobs aren’t coming back” — no solutions offered except that for some reason “we need to be more educated”), and people losing their homes in every neighborhood…nope.  No response except for a bought and paid-for rally (or two or three) hosted by TV personalities.

I guess we haven’t suffered enough.  Or maybe we’ve lost our grip on reality.  The reality is this: power is given, not taken.  This seems to have been forgotten in the U.S.  It will be interesting to see what it takes to remind us.

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