The Wisconsin Teabag Explosion

Here we go:  Union Protests Continue…

I repeat: the worst thing that can happen to a teabagger is to get elected.  I don’t need to prove the truth of this statement.  They keep proving it for me.

I did overhear one of those patented Wisconsin right-wing radio screamers today desperately trying to stamp out any reason lurking in the heads of those calling him on the phone (he is, after all, pro-oligarchy, which is probably no longer as easy a position to maintain as it was, even if you shout).  For a moment I was able to get past my irritation enough to be amused.  I can only hope that for him, the worst is yet to come.  Like, he’ll have to find a new job.

Februrary 17 update: word has it that the protests in Wisconsin continue today and are LARGER than they were yesterday.

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