The Truth about Ronald Reagan

I’ve said this before in this blog and I’ll say it again: Ronald Reagan was not a great president.  He was not even a good one.  Even with all that, though, he had one redeeming quality: he was no teabagger.  Or maybe two: as vague as Reagan was, he was a mental giant compared to George W. Bush.

In spite of those facts, I, for one, have been sick and tired for years about the attempts to rewrite history on behalf of this idiot.  Even during his Presidency, many people suspected that he was (1) dumb, and (2) a mouthpiece; i.e., someone else was actually running the Oval Office.  Some people way back then very vocally suspected that Reagan was suffering from senility; he was that vague and detached.  The only thing slightly solid that we had to latch onto was his anorexic, arrogant wife who wore oh-so-chic “Nancy Reagan red” and refused to bow to the Queen of England  (probably less on an insult, however, than GW landing his helicopter on the Queen’s rose garden).  Some people suspected that Nancy was (gasp!) RUNNING THINGS BEHIND THE SCENES, but this only became a sin later, when the same rumor circulated about Hillary Clinton.

The attempts by the slow-witted Reagan’s handlers to make him look “vigorous” were often noted even by the media, who were not such placid corporate lapdogs as they are now (although those years were the start of their comfy slumber).

If Reagan was responsible for anything, it was for quickly turning this country from a forward-looking nation (even if angry and smarting from economic woes) into a nation of back-biting, backward-looking bullies and haters.  The ’80’s were a particularly horrible time for all but people like, say, Paris Hilton’s parents.  Those years were all about ostentation and contempt for anyone who could not buy the shiniest new toys on a whim.  Some people even had private submarines, for crying out loud.  The people who could afford shit like that were “players;” the rest of us were dog meat.  “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it,” was a popular sniff of the day.  And then they started importing cheaper dog meat to replace the poor here at home.

One thing that has been conveniently forgotten is that in his day, some of Reagan’s most ardent worshippers wanted him to be named king.  Not President — KING.  Failing that, they wanted the “two terms and out” rule to be put to an end, so Reagan could be king forever.

Ahem…I meant “always be President.”  Such respect for that Constitution his supporters had…and have.

Thom Hartmann sums it up here.  I can sum it up as someone who was there at the time.  If anyone tries to tell you that this guy was even a decent President, Hoss, they are lying to you.

P.S.  The one place I disagree with Hartmann is in his assessment of the illegal-immigrant amnesty Reagan enacted.  Of the 3 million eligible, only about a third took advantage of the amnesty.  What illegal aliens want has nothing to do with citizenship; all they want is jobs.  The idea of portable workers is a dream of the U.S. wealthy — they make money off of cheap labor; that accounts for the immigrant (legal and illegal) tsunami since the 1980’s.  Amnesty is a red herring.  Let’s forget about it and move on.

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