So much stupid, so little time

I’ve been avoiding this blog for 2 reasons:

(1) I’d come to believe that it has been the cause of a great deal of negative energy in my life.  Then I realized that it was not. There is merely a great deal of negative energy in my life, as there probably is in everyone’s.

(2) Then there’s the issue of there being so much friggin’ STUPID and so little time to deal with it.  Really, there’s this ongoing avalanche of stupid and it’s gotten so overwhelming that all I can seem to do is sit and read about it and shake my head.  There’s so much stupid, I can’t even pick what to write about first.  It’s as if the November 2010 elections deposited us in a neo-Nazi nightmare world.

Good thing is that the genuine “taking it to the streets” energy that had been missing for so long in the U.S. has begun to reawaken.  Great; we need more of that.

As for this blog…I’m still overwhelmed with information and targets.  I suppose eventually I’ll recover.  I’ll try.  But in the meantime, things may continue to be a little quiet around here.

P.S. — one glimmer of hope is that it seems Glenn Beck is too crazy even for Fox News.  I’ll grab onto that slim thread and cherish it.