While I eat my words, Obama munches on (T)rump

Came home from work last night and heard the news that by now everyone has heard: Osama bin Laden has been killed.  Recently.  At least temporarily this has cleared away the information-overload cobwebs that had formed before my eyes in recent months, causing this blog to wallow unused for weeks on end.

And so, first of all, I withdraw my long-ago blog post which stated that bin Laden died many years ago.  (But I still want to know what the kidney-failure thing was all about.)

I find it highly amusing that this news apparently broke during a broadcast of the Trump travesty “Celebrity Apprentice.”  This happened a just a few days after Obama and friends turned a White House Correspondents Association dinner into a Trump roast, much to the obvious discomfort of The Donald, who was there and blushing so hard it looked as if his thatch was about to ignite.  How very Presidential, darling!  (And I do mean that Trump-wise.)

Anyway, bin Laden is dead and Sarah Palin is discredited, so I will turn my attention to Rump for the time being.  One must have fun.

In the meantime, enjoy this.

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