No photos? Okay.

Instead of arguing whether Obama or W should get credit for killing Osama, we should just agree to blame Reagan for creating him. -John Fugelsang

I’m sure that this will launch yet another conspiracy theory in noggins like Orly Taitz’s, but the decision has been made not to make public the photos of bin Laden’s corpse.  Which is fine with me.

I am pretty much prepared to believe the government’s story on this whole event, and for me to say that is pretty remarkable.  I don’t care if bin Laden was not armed and/or was not using one of his wives as a shield when the commandos broke into their room.  His violent death was a grim reality that was going to come about sooner or later.  I neither condone nor condemn.  I believe what goes around comes around, nothing more or less, and this was a person who had sent a lot evil around in his life.  The decision not to make a spectacle of his corpse is fitting: he had already done that to himself in life.

Now off to listen to the holier-than-thou’s, those locked in an eternal right-vs.-left battle in their brains, the delusional, and the generally stupid, probably for years on end.

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