Slightly OT: A note to (some) Facebook militants

Specifically I’m talking about those vegetarian types who supposedly love animals so much that they post to Facebook the worst sort of pictures and stories of food-animal destruction and general animal mutilation and cruelty that they can manage to find.

I mean, that’s a bit like being against murder and posting pictures of murdered people.  You know, sort of like if the President had chosen to release pictures of bin Laden’s dead body.  Think about it: where would that get us?  The way it worked out, in fact, was the greatest STFU in history: Obama indulged the chronic conspiracy theorists and at the same time discredited anything they might have to say, and the majority of people believe that bin Laden is dead, anyway.  And so we go on with our lives never having seen a photo of that particular corpse.

I’m off on this slightly OT tirade because I have a Facebook friend who is a very militant vegetarian.  He posts this sort of crap so frequently that I’m starting to conclude he actually enjoys it.  And I’m about to unfriend him because of it, but not before I say a few words on the matter.

I noted that this same person was against the murder of bin Laden and was preaching about how good people felt bad about it and bad people felt good.  I felt neither way, so where does that leave me?

And if there had been a photo available, would he have posted it?  Probably YES.

And does posting pictures of mutilated animals stop animal cruelty?  NO.

Does posting these pictures make this guy a better person than I?  NO.

Has looking at these pictures turned me into a vegetarian?  NO.  In fact, I eat very little meat but am not a vegetarian because MY HEALTH WON’T ALLOW IT.

And BTW, is my friend (who is a Pagan) aware that a prominent modern-day Druid thinker believes that there is no solid reason for Pagans to be vegetarian, since a majority of animals die horrible, cruel deaths even without human assistance?  Then look at the writings of John Michael Greer and try to argue with them.  You’ll lose.

Is continually pulling crap like this on an otherwise benign outlet such as Facebook appropriate?  NO.

All I can say is, thank God for the “Unfriend” button.