Completely Faux

Just in, from a friend on Facebook: Faux News is telling its poor, blinkered viewers that OBAMA IS REFUSING TO GIVE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS TO THOSE WHO DISAGREE WITH HIS POLICIES.

Um…excuse me…here’s the TRUTH: (1) Obama is not the sole grantor of government contracts, so WTF is this claim about; (2) Obama merely signed an executive order which demands transparency from government contractors regarding their political contributions.  No one ever said anything about some emperor denying contracts if he didn’t like what was disclosed.

This should be no big deal unless you are either a well-placed politician who OWNS or MOSTLY OWNS or HAS A HUGE PERSONAL INTEREST IN a company that has government contracts (um…yes, that has happened), or are supporting a takeover by, say NEO-NAZIS  — you know, FUCKING TEABAGGERS, something that might be unpopular if the general public found out about it, because they are the ones paying the contractor.  The order was issued in response to the Supreme Court’s disastrous (and definitely unethical) Citizens United ruling, which allowed numerous well-heeled and poisonous Teabaggers to slither into government last election cycle on the strength of massive, bought publicity that pretty cleverly left out some details (like, “I’m gonna send women’s rights back into the Dark Ages and bust as many unions as I can”), simply because their wealthy corporate campaign contributors could not be traced and held accountable for supporting anti-American policies and politicians (yes, Hoss, that refers to the Teabaggers).

And while you’re digesting that, Hoss, read THIS to find out just how fairly unbalanced your Aussie hero Rupert Murdoch is: Rupert Murdoch Censors Liberal Television (In Italy, but you’d best believe he’d do it here too if there WERE any liberal television networks, which there aren’t).


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