Will She or Won’t She?

Of course I am talking about the prospect of Sarah Palin running for President.  Personally I believe she will not, or if she does, she’ll do it briefly and bail out at the first opportunity (but not before all the donation checks are cashed).  And OH THE PATRIOTISM AND TEARS when she withdraws!  What theater!  The modern Queen Ester serving her God and her country! or so the spin doctors will cry.  She would gladly take her anointed place as President if it weren’t for the fact that she can serve her country so much better with a multimillion dollar Fox contract an’ a personal Lear jet an’ a neat, painted touring bus and lots of pretty clothes!  Sniff, Sniff!

Meantime the rest of us continue to wait for her to stop blowing her nose in the flag when she’s through wrapping herself in it.  We can’t possibly roll our eyes any further.  We are through with her, and we wish the media would catch on — but it seems they never will.

Media sources like The Huffington Post continue to search for any clue that she will run.  It’s almost as if they can’t stand the idea that she may not — or at least, that she will not make a serious effort.  (Sarah Palin and serious in the same sentence?  Are you serious?)

And so it was hard to find someone who agrees with me that Sarah will not run for President.  Imagine my surprise today when I found this article.  Read it and weep, Huffington Post and all your faux-news starved colleagues.

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