“The British Are Coming!…oops”

Gotta celebrate it, I guess.

So far Sarah Palin has failed to explain why, in her version of events, Paul Revere’s ride consisted of ringing bells and shooting off a rifle or a revolver or something (neither of which, if I remember correctly, existed at the time), desperately warning the British that the British were coming.  In her world, this was all about gun rights.

Everything is about gun rights.  Even abortion is about gun rights.  Climate change?  Gun rights.  Fuel prices?  Gun rights.  Taxes?  Gun rights.  Drugs?  Gun rights.  War?  Gun rights.  Lamestream media?  Gun rights.  Birth certificate?  Gun rights.  Death panels?  Gun rights.

Next, I suppose, she’ll be claiming that Revere wrote the Constitution and Jesus signed it while packing a six-shooter.  GUN RIGHTS, you know.

Frankly I’m too confused to go on.  I became even more confused when she once again entrenched herself in a falsehood when challenged by, of all people, Chris Wallace.

(Most of) The nation is laughing at her.  Even other parts of the world are laughing at her.  And yet she keeps pulling the Big Lie chain to the extent that her brainwashed personal army has tried and failed to rewrite the Wikipedia entry about Paul Revere to suit their Queen Ester’s version of The Ride.  And the media keep TELLING US ABOUT HER.  WHY???

All I can do is shake my head and cluck my tongue.  There is truly magic in the air.  I say that because without it, she would have been a small blip on the screen that passed long ago.  I know, I’ve covered that point way too often.  But that never stops me from marveling at it: why won’t she go away?

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