When Stupid Calls Stupid “Stupid”

No, wait…I don’t think they’re quite at “stupid” yet.  I think they stopped at “unserious” or “unstable” or something like that.  “Stupid” will come later.

Anyway, Ah HAH!  In perfect reality-TV form, now we progress to the “cat fight” sequence: Bachmann vs. Palin

Actually I saw this coming a long time ago because of two things: (1) a little over a year ago, Bachmann started making noises about being President.  Prior to that she never would have dared, lest she offend St. Sarah, and…

(2) This is the sort of mentality that their supporters believe is part of real life.  You know, it’s kind of like professional wrestling, “you broke my heart so I busted your jaw.”  Very elemental.  Very…shall we say it…stupid.

The rest of us can see it, but our media, ever hungry for a delicious cat fight, will probably jump all over it as if either of these creatures has a genuine chance of becoming anything but a national embarrassment. OOOO I mean, it’s just like the old roller derby!  Knock the stupid bitch on her pockets!  What high-class entertainment!  Great for ratings!  Next comes the Meow-Off, no doubt with celebrity judges!

One thing that truly concerns me here is that there is starting to be a spillover of stupid from these two that is affecting the careers of legitimate politicians who happen to be women.  I’m starting to hear more and more that if the two female front-runners in the Republican/Teabagger party are this dim, so must be the rest of female politicians.  You know, sort of like one Democrat with his pants down equals all Democrats with their pants down, regardless of how many Republicans have already been caught with their pants down.

What I really want is for the media wake the fuck up and realize that there is a price for fiddling while Rome burns, but I’m guessing that is not about to happen.  All around us are tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, George W.’s economy, and goodness knows what else, but all these cretins can talk about is Stupid vs. Stupid and what it means for the White House.

Got a clue for the media about what it means for the White House.  Read on and find out:

Yep, darlings, there was nothing there, just like there is in Stupid vs. Stupid.  Get it?

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