New Heights of Irony

I was just about to comment on Rick Perry getting trounced at last night’s CNN-hosted Tea Party debacle (which I hadn’t seen, but considering the coverage of it, felt like I had), when this was pointed out on my Facebook feed via Americans Against the Tea Party:

‎”Well, I’m offended for all the little girls and the parents that didn’t have a choice.” – Michelle Bachmann on Rick Perry’s mandated HPV vaccinations.

Choice.  Well, ain’t that just the height of irony.

For that matter, I’m offended too, Ms. Bachmann.

Holy Wacko, Waco…

…And Austin.  And Dallas.  And Fort Worth.  And Houston.  In fact, I’m addressing this to any and all of the approximately 6,386 municipalities in Texas.

What am I going off about now?  Nothing much, except that Rick Perry is referring to himself as a misunderstood and unloved prophet.  He did not say of what.

Holy wacko for sure.

Mind you I am from Illinois, and we know a thing or two about wacko governors.  The last one, Blagojevich, was a real peach.  He’s on his way to sentencing now, that is, if the judge ever clears his calendar enough to devote a day to the event.  On the way to his sentencing…indeed, on the way to his trial, Blagojevich spewed a lot of hot air comparing himself to Lincoln, Gandhi, Jesus, etc., etc., etc.  Merely being a misunderstood and unloved prophet was at the very bottom of this former Presidential aspirant’s list; he had to be a famous prophet as well.  So maybe it’s true that Blags’ illness was far advanced of Perry’s.  But it is the same illness.

Difference is that Blags is on his way to jail, his dreams of the White House smashed for this lifetime.  Perry, in the meantime, has the frighteningly real possibility of transporting his vast, empty head into a vast, empty White House at some point.  None of the lengthening list of charges of corruption against him appears headed anywhere near a courtroom.  This may tell us something of the difference between Illinois and Texas, or it may just be the difference in the fates of a teabagging Republican and a merely fractured Democrat who both share the same disease.

Anyway, while pondering such things and browsing around on Facebook, I came across this:

Design by Terry L. Welch

It would be even funnier if it weren’t so painfully true.  And it’s perfect.  The only thing I’d add is “except unborn embryos.”

The Mother of all Sons of Bitches

In the past few days we’ve been drenched a tidal wave of conflicting messages about the Tea Party.  For instance, someone, somewhere has decided to try to save Sarah Palin’s career.  As an example of this, YahooNews ran a love letter to her in the guise of “opinion” just the other day.  The writer never got down to specifics — possibly because there are none — but instead waxed poetic about how Palin just oozes liberty and justice and holy inspiration, and about how moving her movie was (yes, so moving that people probably moved away from theaters to get away from it), and how anyone who hates her is afflicted with “Palin Derangement Syndrome.”  How hopelessly unoriginal, particularly in the face of the far more real Obama Derangement Syndrome that has been used as feed for an entire movement — the Tea Party, such as it is.

And it’s the Koch-backed Tea Party I am talking about here.  In the last few days they have had enough ups and downs in the media to knock anyone permanently dizzy, leaving alone the fact that they were dizzy to begin with.

Of course there’s the fact that a Koch brother was caught on audio saying something about launching “the mother of all wars” against the Obama administration during the reelection campaign next year.  The left were outraged; the right just probably silently nodded their noggins.  I was left wondering  just why such an untantalizing figure would directly quote a hated, deposed and hanged dictator, while hiding behind an Astroturf populist political party of his own creation.  Seemed rather ironic, if not just plain stupid.

And then we heard that Palin’s speech the other day drew a bigger audience than did Romney’s in the same state.  This was designed to scare moderate Republicans into kissing the Tea Party’s collective ass, when it is the size of that ass that has come under question.  Interestingly, it was hard to pin down just how big Palin’s audience was. But then the amateur videos started to leak out and seemed to indicate that if there were not an historic, possibly life-threatening stampede out of the venue after she spoke (which was before the keynote speaker of the event spoke), then the audience couldn’t have been very big to start with.

And then there was James Hoffa referring to the Tea Party as “sons of bitches,” and the immediate joke that this had shocked the teabaggers so badly that they dropped their “Obama is Hitler” signs.  Certainly, after scrambling to pick the signs up, they started whining about threats of violence against them.  Never mind that one of their own tools has been threats of violence.

And then, of course, came one of those ubiquitous surveys saying that approval of the Tea Party is at an all-time low, and at least one left-wing blog announced that we are witnessing its death.  Got news for you: it seems like the majority of the U.S. public has never heard of the Tea Party (and/or is not sure what the hell the Tea Party is).  So who were the survey-takers asking?

And tell me, even if it’s true that the Tea Party is dying, how does an Astroturf faux party die?  I think it will merely change its name and become yet another bogie man to scare moderate Republicans to the right.  There is too much at stake here for the Koch brothers and their ilk to give up that easily.

The only way to end this game is to keep coming out with the truth.  And the truths are these: the Tea Party is not real, so let’s stop examining it as if it were.  Sarah Palin is nothing more than a publicity whore.  And the Kochs are behind the whole thing.  Why?  Because they think the life of an Untouchable in India is good enough for 98% of us.

And in this case, the mother of all sons of bitches is nothing more than publicity.  If you don’t pay attention to the Tea Party or Palin, they are finished.  The Kochs, operating in the shadows, are another deal altogether, but the answer there is to expose them at every opportunity.

It is possible, folks, but we just have to keep looking at the man behind the curtain and not so much at the curtain itself.

You Can’t Be Serious

Got this from an email from a wingnut relative.  Yes, the wingnut who wrote it is credited at the bottom, so shut up about stealing.  Hell, I wouldn’t bother.

But anyway, this article very conveniently ignores what “economic conservatives” think of the poor while it plays the race card — you know, because Perry speaks Spanish and Rubio…something or other, Hispanics will vote for them in spite of the fact that Perry thinks Hispanics (especially poor ones) are instruments of the devil and need to be starved to death.  You know, just like women will vote for any misogynous politician just as long as he’s handsome, or any female at all no matter how stupid and nutty she is.  Uh-Huh.  And how about all those angry white conservatives — who will they vote for if Perry starts openly pandering to Hispanics?  Now, in THAT case, you can count on race (or at least, overplaying the race card) as a deciding factor in the vote.

And then of course, we have the use of questionable statistics, the touting of a failed economic policy (LESS REGULATION IS THE ANSWER)  and of course ABORTION outweighs every other problem the country has.  Especially when you have no answers for anything, I suppose.

Read this and laugh.  Or spit.  Your choice.

August 29, 2011
The Ticket Obama Fears Most

By Bruce Walker
The talking heads on Fox News Special Report this Friday concurred that Marco Rubio will be on the Republican ticket next year as the vice presidential nominee.  I agree.  There is virtually no downside to Rubio and the advantages to the ticket are prohibitive.  He is youthful, attractive, and articulate.  Rubio won a tough three-way race in Florida last year.  His life story is compelling as the child of Cuban parents who worked up the hard and legal way..  His conservatism on social and economic issues is unwavering.  Rubio is slightly too young and inexperienced to run as president, but eight years as vice president would make him ideal presidential timber.

If Senator Rubio becomes the running mate of Governor Perry, which I believe is increasingly likely, President Obama could face his worst electoral nightmare.  At the outset, both men are excellent campaigners — articulate, likeable, attractive, and accustomed to winning elections in the diverse and large populations of Texas andFlorida.  Unlike Republican nominees since Reagan, Rick Perry knows how to work crowds.  Perry, like Rubio, has never lost a political race.  Although it is a relatively small section of his resume, his time successfully selling Bible reference books door-to-door may be as important as background in running for president.

Both Perry and Rubio have life stories which demonstrate that the American Dream really works.  Perry grew up on a cotton tenant farm in the middle of nowhere and worked hard up every step in his path to success.  Rubio’s parents worked in menial jobs so that their son could have a better life.  Imagine Rubio campaigning in Las Vegas, where his parents worked like so many Hispanics today, cleaning rooms and tending bars.  The greatest impact of these life stories is that the Republican ticket could say just how poor people need not stay poor if government gets out of the way.

Perry and Rubio are both social and economic conservatives.  The left tries to downplay the appeal of social conservatism, but to take just a single social conservative issue, abortion, the latest Rasmussen Poll shows that 55% of Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong while only 30% believe that abortion is morally acceptable and 41% of Americans believe that it is too easy to get an abortion inAmerica while only 14% believe that it is too hard to get an abortion.  The vanilla question about whether Americans are “pro-choice” or “pro-life” is meaningless, if Republican candidates have the gumption to ask Obama in a debate whether he believes abortion is moral or immoral — leaving the question of federal policy on abortion aside.

This particular ticket would also have profound appeal to Hispanic voters, whose support for Obama has dropped a dramatic 36 points since he took office.  The impact of Rubio on the ticket, of course, is obvious: he would be the first Hispanic on a major party ticket in American history.  Big chunks of Hispanic voters in 2008 voted Obama because he was a “person of color.”  Reelecting a black man president has much less psychological value to Hispanic voters than electing a Hispanic who could easily be president in eight years.

The impact of Rick Perry is real, but underestimated by Beltway punditry, which listens more to high ranking Hispanic organizational leaders rather than ordinary Hispanics.  Perry has won many statewide elections in Texas, including three as governor.  Almost 40% of the state is Hispanic.  Governor Perry speaks Spanish, but more than that, just as a New York City or Chicago politicians grasp the nuances of European ethnic differences, so Perry understands the largely Mexican-American minority and has steadily improved his percentage of the Hispanic vote in Texaselections.

A politically savvy Perry with the first Hispanic on a national ticket as his running mate could disarm the traditional skittishness that some Hispanics have had about voting Republican.  Combine that with the very real success that Perry has had in creating jobs in Texas — compared with Obama nationally or California Democrats — and he could make a strong argument that Perry-Rubio is precisely what most Hispanics really want in Washington.

This could be complemented by the rise of Hispanic Republicans in 2010.  Susana Martinez, the conservative Republican governor of New Mexico, next door to Texas, is a prime example.  The first female Hispanic governor in American history could travel throughout the Rocky Mountain region touting a Perry-Rubio ticket.  It is not just Hispanic “people of color” that could connect with Hispanics.  Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley, both articulate and strongly Republican governors could both show the legal immigrants from lands as distant as India are welcomed by conservatives.

Black voters will go overwhelmingly for Obama, but black voters vote overwhelmingly for Democrats no matter what Republicans have tried.  If Hispanic voters, already accustomed to conservative Republicans senators and governors, vote in substantial numbers for conservative Republicans at the national level, then not only is Obama in trouble, but so is his party.  That is why Perry-Rubio could be the ticket Democrats fear most.

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P.S. What was this author smoking?

“Government is the problem…”

…Until there isn’t any.    Enjoy this video.

I am speechless, irony

Sarah Palin is going to South Korea, a country I assume she thinks is an enemy state while North Korea is our great friend, to speak before a gathering of…are you sitting down…the World Knowledge Forum.

Read this, but don’t have any coffee in your mouth while you do because you’ll spit it out.

Oh well. If nothing else, this could be a great way of  being able to say, “oops, I missed the debate,” and pulling down $100,000.00 or thereabouts in the meantime.  As the song goes, money for nothing.