Holy Wacko, Waco…

…And Austin.  And Dallas.  And Fort Worth.  And Houston.  In fact, I’m addressing this to any and all of the approximately 6,386 municipalities in Texas.

What am I going off about now?  Nothing much, except that Rick Perry is referring to himself as a misunderstood and unloved prophet.  He did not say of what.

Holy wacko for sure.

Mind you I am from Illinois, and we know a thing or two about wacko governors.  The last one, Blagojevich, was a real peach.  He’s on his way to sentencing now, that is, if the judge ever clears his calendar enough to devote a day to the event.  On the way to his sentencing…indeed, on the way to his trial, Blagojevich spewed a lot of hot air comparing himself to Lincoln, Gandhi, Jesus, etc., etc., etc.  Merely being a misunderstood and unloved prophet was at the very bottom of this former Presidential aspirant’s list; he had to be a famous prophet as well.  So maybe it’s true that Blags’ illness was far advanced of Perry’s.  But it is the same illness.

Difference is that Blags is on his way to jail, his dreams of the White House smashed for this lifetime.  Perry, in the meantime, has the frighteningly real possibility of transporting his vast, empty head into a vast, empty White House at some point.  None of the lengthening list of charges of corruption against him appears headed anywhere near a courtroom.  This may tell us something of the difference between Illinois and Texas, or it may just be the difference in the fates of a teabagging Republican and a merely fractured Democrat who both share the same disease.

Anyway, while pondering such things and browsing around on Facebook, I came across this:

Design by Terry L. Welch

It would be even funnier if it weren’t so painfully true.  And it’s perfect.  The only thing I’d add is “except unborn embryos.”