Let’s get a few things straight

A few things have happened recently, the gist of which went right over the heads of most of my neocon friends and all of my liberal friends.

That is to say that this post will piss everyone off.  Just thought I’d warn you in advance.  You also may like to have your epithets ready to fling at me: racist, Islamophobic, godless libberal; whatever.

The first thing that happened was that some reality show about a Muslim family was first sponsored by a national hardware store chain, among others, then un-sponsored after pressure from a neocon group, and now is being pressured from more liberal sources to go back and sponsor the show again.

The second thing that happened is that some automobile manufacturers (or maybe just one) threatened to remove themselves from Alabama because they found themselves running foul of Alabama’s new anti-illegal alien laws.  The governor of Alabama is now panicking and backtracking on his laws.

Is you’re a neocon,you’re chortling that the sponsor of the show did the right thing by withdrawing and that the governor of Alabama is a godless money whore for panicking.

If you’re a liberal you’re screaming racist, racist, racist at everyone involved in both situations, except for the corporations who were employing illegal aliens and the reality TV show’s producers.

Am I alone in catching a few problems here?

First, the reality show: why would anyone want to be on one?  Well, anyway, yes…this one was about Muslims in the U.S., or rather about a Muslim family in the U.S.

That doesn’t automatically make it right or holy, and please don’t go into all that crap about hard-working immigrants building America just before you get the goddamn Koch Brothers tissues out and start sniffling.  It’s getting old, already.  Yes, the neocons are screaming about seeing this on TV because they want to implement their own Christian version of Sharia law in the U.S. and the imagined competition just makes them nuts.  (NO I AM NO SAYING THIS MUSLIM FAMILY WAS LIVING BY SHARIA LAW THANK YOU.)  And so they yelled and screamed and got the show unsponsored.

Of course it’s racism, but it’s deeper than that: it’s a clash of cultures.  Not defending the neocons, but they are correct in guessing that many immigrants — even those that seem just like the rest of us — don’t like our culture and want to impose their own.  I shrug at that sort of thing because it is a war that all immigrants fight to some degree, and ultimately lose.

In the U.S., the greatest threat to our culture is from within.  Reference my remark about Christians a few paragraphs back.  Further, I myself was part of a drive to get Glenn Beck off of Fox News — a drive which pressured his sponsors to drop the show — so I can’t say much.

Okay, on to Alabama.  Re-read what I wrote in the automobile manufacturer paragraph.  See a problem there?


No! you say?  Well, do you support the 99% movement?  Part of what they’re out in the streets about is kids with college degrees being forced to work at Starbuck’s because the good jobs are going elsewhere.  But the truth is even in the U.S., we are not employing U.S. citizens.  Leave alone the fact that we are allowing foreign companies to stamp a “Made in USA” label on their products when, while their plants may be physically here, they are not really employing people from this country.

Trouble is,when I point this out, inevitably I hear from both sides about how LOUSY U.S. citizens are…usually thrown in with a charge of racism from the left and some version of “Oligarchy is Good” from the right.

Again..the danger to us is from within.  Until we take a hard look at ourselves and realize that we are continually primping with the very chains that bind us, nothing in this country is going to get any better.

And that, my friends, is the unvarnished truth.

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