Life in La-La-Land

Of course Michele Bachman isn’t going to win the Republican Presidential nomination, but every day I am more and more convinced that even after getting soundly bounced out of the race in the primaries, she’ll show up for work at the Capitol on January 20, 2013 — and not in the audience, either.  She shows no signs of realizing that she’s not only out of touch with the vast majority in the U.S., but even those crazy enough to support her are mostly supporting things like Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul instead.

Then again, I must applaud her consistency.  It’s apparent that she doesn’t know the truth from a lie, and this is extending to her Presidential campaign.

Not to be forgotten is the unintentionally humorous undertone of her entire campaign, which only starts with her husband announcing his plans to stamp out homosexuals and women’s rights when he becomes First Lady.  The material is endless.  Of course, she hasn’t quite gone to the insane extent of Gingrich yet (let’s stamp out the judiciary!) but that’s probably only because she has no grasp of the structure of government to begin with.

So again, I await January 20, 2013 with some eagerness.  I wonder what she’ll wear to “her” inauguration.

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