Primarily a mess

I just realized that we’re one month into 2012 and this is going to be my first post of the year.  Ah, well…

I’m still suffering from news-cycle overload, or rather, too many servings of overstuffed news cycles.  As in, there are a lot of empty calories in the news these days.

Take Newt Gingrich, for instance (obviously lots of empty calories there).  He’d been on top of the world since the…what was it?  The South Carolina primary?  And now he’s come in 2nd in Florida.  I’m sure he’ll win again somewhere else and be gloating again for a week or two, with Sarah Palin playing cheerleader off on the margins somewhere as she has been doing since he (illegally, I hear), offered her a job in his administration.

And that’s not the only vaguely-illegal cloud hanging over his run for President.  But no matter; stupid, shameless, greasy,and probably unqualified as Gingrich is, he’s one hell of an improvement over the real Stupid Squad who have at long last departed this campaign: Perry, Cain, and Crazy-ass Bachmann — you know, the people who never should have even considered running for President to begin with, except that God told them to.

Meantime, the nomination will go to Mitt Romney — the man who is so insulated by vast amounts of money that he does not know what his own country looks like.  Romney also is tainted by some illegal goings-on, but not tainted enough to stop running, simply because there is no one else.

So there you have it: a fat boy and a frat boy.  (I should not cast aside just yet the hyper-Catholic, misogynistic choir boy Santorum, nicknamed Frothy by the left…it’s just that he’s so not going anywhere.)

Not a very promising offering from the Republicans, but that’s not all.  Lurking in the background we have the spectacle of Ron and the Paulbots.

I honestly wouldn’t have remembered Paul at all if it were not for his supporters butting in on every conceivable conversation on Facebook where they are either not welcome or beside the point, babbling things about Constitution and freedom and Paul being the only possible savior of the U.S.  I’d joke about Tourette Syndrome, but that is a very real, disabling, unkind disorder whose sufferers deserve our care and compassion.  In contrast, I suspect that the Paulbots are merely programmed, so uniform is their gibberish.  Honestly, it’s like a thousand squirrels running across computer keyboards and somehow magically hitting the same keys.

It is the one thing that makes this Paul campaign memorable, if you forget the bit about Paul’s son being/not being detained at some airport recently.  Great publicity, that.  But the wrong kind.

For Democrats it isn’t quite time to gloat yet.  Not so long ago, the Democrats were the ones who could not come up with a candidate much more suitable than, say, Jesse Jackson.  Or when they did, the candidate got rolled over by the Bush smear machine and/or the Republican vote-stealing machine.

Obama broke that cycle (if only because Bush could not run a third time), but it is so deeply ingrained that complacency cannot take over.  If it does, we may well end up with either a frat boy or a fat boy in the White House.

I do know the country couldn’t withstand that.  Myself, I couldn’t stand looking at the fat boy’s plastic wife (or even the fat boy himself, as he so resembles the repulsive Fat Man Limbaugh), or thinking about Romney’s magic underwear (which one cannot help doing).

More seriously, though, it’s a small world and there aren’t many places to move to get away from this nonsense.  So let’s have 4 more years of Obama.  He’s all that’s left us.

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