A Cure for the Susan B. Komen Foundation

Am I alone in finding it illuminating that the same people who are SO against “socialized medicine” and SO adamant that the medical needs of the poor can be served by charitable organizations, attacked a charitable organization’s funding of another charitable organization which was providing women’s health services to the poor?

Their excuse, such as it was, was that they were attacking the funding of abortion.  Well hell’s bells, assholes, your tax dollar doesn’t fund abortion (and won’t even under “socialized medicine”).  So you might as well go to the source, right?  Your precious charitable medicine that cures ALL ills.

What resulted, of course, was a Taliban-like attack on women’s healthcare.  As in, what ended up being addressed was not the safety of precious zygotes.  Instead what was attacked was WOMEN’S CANCER SCREENING that is NOT CURRENTLY COVERED BY CAPITALIST MEDICINE because THESE WOMEN ARE TOO POOR TO PAY FOR IT.

It was a strike against women’s healthcare, because to a right wingnut, all the term “women’s healthcare” means is “abortion.”  Yep.  Never mind the uterus, ovaries, and boobies.  A woman is just a walking pregnancy machine, and always looking to terminate that pregnancy.  And so her every move must be controlled.  Even when she’s 60.

I daresay this right-wingnut organization would have a harder time of it if they had attacked “socialized medicine” instead of a vulnerable charity.  So here’s the cure: socialized medicine.  I’ll say it again: socialized medicine.  No more Susan B. Komen Foundations.  No more Planned Parenthood.

And maybe some jail time for those who threaten healthcare simply because of hate.

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