Best Comment, Ever…

I know this blog doesn’t allow comments, and I won’t, but I do think everyone in the U.S. needs to read and ponder this comment (from another site):

Restrictions on abortion and guns

No Heaven for Control Freaks

I am involved in a few other blogs whose names I don’t mention here because I don’t want trolls wandering over to those other blogs and bitching about stuff they see on this one.  (I don’t own those blogs, anyway.)

I have reason for this concern; anyone who has read this blog’s home page will know one of them.  Another emerged last week on another blog when someone tried to blow a rather benign comment I had made completely out of proportion, and stopped just short of demanding that I remove the comment (actually the administrator cut her off before she could carry it that far).  I gave the child — not really a child, mind you, but a very whiny 20-something would-be yuppie-type creature — my traditional one-fingered salute and moved on.  I have no doubt that she’s still stewing in her juices, however; a failed bullying attempt is devastating for a bully*.

What I’m getting at is this: the world if full of control freaks, and 2012 seems to be their prime time.

The war on women is the most obvious example of this, but there are also wars on minorities, wars on gays, etc.  The control freaks are very, very busy trying to keep everyone under control, even as they themselves wage war against anyone controlling them.

Houston, we have a problem.

I’m not going to bother to write much more about this, since it’s been extensively documented on every non-right-wing blog in this country and I don’t want to repeat it one more time.  But I will close with this:

Don’t you dare tell me what to do or say.  

*Control freaks and bullies are usually the same people