A Slip Into Oblivion

I saw this today: No Longer Sarah Palin’s Alaska and realized that it had actually been a few months since I thought about her.  That’s a first since 2008.

It would be nice never to think of her again, but I’m sure she’ll find her way back into the collective conscious at some point.  That’s the way she makes her living, after all.

But I’ll settle for this: if even one person has realized that she never had the right stuff to be President, or even Vice President, in spite of the fact that she is very pretty and has very white skin, then the battle is won.  No matter how many reality shows her family produces and no matter what she says to get her mug back in the news — and these things will happen — she will never again be seriously considered for offices that such an shallow, flighty individual should never be considered for.

Maybe this is the dawn of a new seriousness in this country.  I’ve also read that, given this summer’s unusually high temperatures and low rainfall in about 56% of the continental U.S., 70% of those surveyed now believe in “global warming.”  I don’t know what the numbers were before all this happened, but I’m sure the believers were more like 30%.

Of course, we’re still silly enough where, if next summer’s temperatures are in the 60’s and we are drowning in rain, the number of believers will sink again.  And a lot of people will blame Obama.  But still, this survey indicates, perhaps, that some people have been shocked into seriously thinking.

A large number of people doing some serious thinking is not good for the career of someone like Sarah Palin.  And that, my friends, is a good thing.

ENOUGH already

Lately every U.S. holiday, whether it be Memorial Day, Labor Day, or the 4th of July, has been overtaken by “honor those who fought for your freedom” slogans.  The latest and dumbest I’ve heard was “No soldier ever fought for socialism.”

Let’s just drop that last one before it starts making sense to too many people, which it will if it gets repeated often enough.  There’s so much wrong with that statement that it would take another post to rip it apart, and I’m not in the mood.

Well, maybe I am.

Memorial Day is, by definition, militaristic.  What I’m objecting to is the militarization of the rest of the holidays.  Labor Day has become a real dilemma for a lot of wingnuts, but they try to militarize it anyway. I’ve also seen attempts to militarize Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, for crying out loud.  Everything has to be about the soldiers who fought for our freedom, or else you are so MEAAANNNNN and you are not honoring our SOLDIERS without whom you would not be able to BARBECUE HOT DOGS AND HAMBURGERS TODAY!!!!!!

Next I swear I’ll hear that we should toast the soldiers with champagne on New Year’s Eve…or else we are DISRESPECTFUL OF THOSE WHO MADE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE.  It’s starting to seem that even if one spent every holiday prostrate in the cemetery, dead tired after having decorated every male’s grave with flags, these people would still not be happy with the person’s Americanism.

Seriously, yes, we should honor our soldiers.  But let’s face it: it’s been almost 70 years since we fought a war that had anything to do with our freedom.

Plus, our soldiers are coming home from our latest police actions to find that there are no jobs and no homes for them.  I don’t call that honoring them.  And yet, most of the people who are shouting the pro-military slogans the loudest at every holiday are the same ones who shout “socialism” the loudest whenever any benefits program is discussed.

They are, in fact, the ones who don’t want to support the soldiers, yet are so fucking grateful for the soldiers’ service.

The simple fact is that the U.S. was never intended to be a militaristic state.  Yet it has become one, with a series of meaningless wars dragging on forever and sucking the life out of our economy…and out of our soldiers.  What we are fighting now is for oil.  Period.  And we ought to be looking beyond it.

Alas, to do so requires science, and most of those shouting about the horrors of socialism also hate science with a passion.  And so we keep sending soldiers off to police actions so we can have more and more oil, until there is no more.

What it is, is rampant conservatism…fear, really…at the expense of our future.

So please…no, no “please”…just drop the militaristic crap.  Look at what’s really happening before you talk.  Don’t use the military as a crutch with which to beat the rest of us over the head just to make yourself feel more holy and correct.  There’s a term for that: pain in the ass.

And the 4th of July is the celebration of a document that declared our independence from a militaristic, corporatist state…England at the time.  Keep that in mind.

Stupid of the Day Award goes to anyone who promotes the “militarize everything” crap.  And have a happy 4th.

A comfortable hell

First, enjoy: Freakout Over Obamacare

I had actually just about retired this blog.  It took the Supreme Court finding legal justification for Obamacare to shake me out of quitting from sheer boredom and frustration in dealing with Stupid.  Sadly, Stupid continues its Fox-induced reign, and so here I am again to help combat it.

On Facebook I am “friends” with many people I have never met and actually, barely conversed with.  However, the recent pro-healthcare ruling by the Supreme Court certainly showed a few of them for what they are: stupid.  Consider the following quotes:

“This is the end of the U.S. as we know it!”  “Say goodbye to lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps, hello to handouts!”  And so forth.


Nobody’s asking for free healthcare except, possibly, the millions who have been put out of work as the end result of 30 years of Reaganomics.  Obamacare does not establish socialized medicine.

Very few people are going to get free healthcare except for (most of) those who were already getting it.  The rest of us will be expected to find a way to pay for our healthcare so no one else (i.e. the taxpayer) has to; that means, buy insurance.  And the insurance companies will be expected to stop toying around with our lives and actually offer viable health insurance at a reasonable price; i.e., they’ll have to show their more overzealous actuaries and underwriters, and the resulting death panels, the door.

That’s it.  Nothing else has changed.  Nor will it.  The government, or certain people in it, will continue to be able to pass laws that curtail women’s healthcare and reproductive rights in the name of “religious freedom,” which is mainly for men who do not pay taxes and like to abuse little boys.  And your doctor will still be required by law to ask you stupid questions about whether you’ve grown recently (when you’re in your 50’s).  And you’re still protected by HIPAA unless you’re female.

Actually with the few Obamacare changes that have already been implemented, health insurers are reporting an increase in profits.  So anyone concerned about the insurers’ bottom lines and their ability to continue to pay their executives tens of millions of dollars need not worry.  Life-sucking capitalism as it applies to your health is alive and well.  However, a relative who sells health insurance informs me that premiums are actually going down.  Yes, that’s at the same time that profits are going up.  May the problem all along have been a faulty business model?  Very likely.  Too bad it took legislation to slap some sense into the insurance companies.

Still want a businessman in the President’s office?  Think again.  The U.S. economy has been running on shitty business models for 30 years now, and look where it’s got us: in health insurance, it got so bad that the government had to intervene to save large numbers of people.  I have no doubt that the religion of outsourcing is the next target.

So dears, get this straight: if you’re getting your health-reform news from Fox News — and it’s either from them or from the Fat Man or his countless imitators that you’re getting this shit — you’re not getting any information at all.

And one more thing…answer me this: why did I not hear you screaming when state after state enacted mandatory automobile-insurance laws?

Stupid of the Day Award goes to anyone who prefers the poor comfort of the present-day healthcare hell to the promise of “Obamacare.”  Now let’s watch you run to Canada to get away from all this…and right into the arms of real socialized medicine.