A Slip Into Oblivion

I saw this today: No Longer Sarah Palin’s Alaska and realized that it had actually been a few months since I thought about her.  That’s a first since 2008.

It would be nice never to think of her again, but I’m sure she’ll find her way back into the collective conscious at some point.  That’s the way she makes her living, after all.

But I’ll settle for this: if even one person has realized that she never had the right stuff to be President, or even Vice President, in spite of the fact that she is very pretty and has very white skin, then the battle is won.  No matter how many reality shows her family produces and no matter what she says to get her mug back in the news — and these things will happen — she will never again be seriously considered for offices that such an shallow, flighty individual should never be considered for.

Maybe this is the dawn of a new seriousness in this country.  I’ve also read that, given this summer’s unusually high temperatures and low rainfall in about 56% of the continental U.S., 70% of those surveyed now believe in “global warming.”  I don’t know what the numbers were before all this happened, but I’m sure the believers were more like 30%.

Of course, we’re still silly enough where, if next summer’s temperatures are in the 60’s and we are drowning in rain, the number of believers will sink again.  And a lot of people will blame Obama.  But still, this survey indicates, perhaps, that some people have been shocked into seriously thinking.

A large number of people doing some serious thinking is not good for the career of someone like Sarah Palin.  And that, my friends, is a good thing.