Drop it.

Huffington Post

If you read that link, you know what I’m talking about.  I won’t go into it further.  Well, maybe I will…

Sarah Palin is finished, Hoss.  I don’t care what some right-wing loudmouth says.  Right-wing loudmouths don’t have a good handle on the truth, anyway, do they?  I mean, just before the election I had one snark at me that I might as well stop making jokes about Romney’s “binder” remark on my Facebook wall because (I don’t remember the quote directly, but here’s the gist of it) “if liberals think they are going to win this election by making ‘cute’ comments on Facebook they are mistaken.”

No surprise, it seems that every day brings an increasing amount of information on Republican vote fraud.  Day by day little bits and trinkets keep trickling in, mostly ignored by the national media.  But they are there, and you don’t have to dig hard to find them.  Reference my previous post in this blog, for instance.  I found that on YouTube, for crying out loud.

Why do I mention this?  Because I think if even half the votes had been honestly tallied in a number of “red” states, the election would have been a blowout for the Democrats.  As in, not even close.  What am I basing this on?  Well, if Anonymous’s claims are true, and they indeed did meddle in Ohio on the side of truth, then there may have been vote-tampering elsewhere that went undetected.  If nothing else, it’s awfully curious that two states with documented histories of Republican vote tampering went on to be scored as victories for Obama, in spite of almost incredible Republican smugness about having those states in their pockets.

Even if there is no legality gap, there is definitely a reality gap.

Yes, since the election I have come across crabby white men and a new phenomenon: packs of young-ish (mostly in their 30’s) women of the privileged class wandering about together in their finest clothes, snarking at and bullying anyone who is “not our kind, dear.”   So I have no doubt they are out there — Republicans, that is.  But I don’t think there are as many of them as we’ve been led to believe.

Which brings me back to Sarah Palin.

I still believe she will never completely go away.  She’s too much like Donald Trump, who is a similar hopeless case.  Both are attention-hounds.  They will do and say anything to stay in the public eye.

But does that mean they should be taken seriously?  No.  Only the people who take reality TV seriously will take these two seriously.  Palin in particular took a set of paltry qualifications (for Vice President/President) and diminished them into no qualifications at all just by opening her mouth more than once.  Trump…well who the hell ever took him seriously?  He’s a parody of a parody, a second-rate clown.  He has never been anything more.

I think out here in the real world, even most Republicans realize that nominating Palin for President any time in this lifetime would lead to a very, very serious blow-out — one that would make your average volcano look like a pimple in comparison.  It would be political suicide by wishful thinking.

I think it’s time for them to get serious and really talk to people.  They need to stop dealing with the public via platitudes.  I think a fair number of them realize this now.

Will they take the lesson to heart?  Remains to be seen.  Remember that in 2008 they “learned,” then forgot very very quickly.  And goodness knows the House has learned nothing.

But as for the Huffington Post, all I can say is that if they don’t want a reputation as the new National Inquirer, they’d better drop the Palin line right now.  Stupid of the Day award goes to that publication for even mentioning the idea of Palin making a serious run for the White House.

No I was not kidding

Remember when I mentioned that Karl Rove’s on-TV (on Fox, no less) reaction to the results in Ohio made it seem like he already “knew” what the results were supposed to be and could not process it when they came out differently?  It appears that he may have suffered more of a short-circuit than we knew at the time:

Thom Hartmann

General Hanky-Panky

I commented as I did earlier about the General Patraeus scandal because that was all the information I had — that he’d been caught having an affair and had resigned.  Now it turns out that he gave or was about to give some testimony to Congress or something that countered earlier testimony given by the administration about Benghazi.  Supposedly he was forced to resign by the powers-that-be because of that.  No, says the FBI, it’s because Patraeus’s paramour may have had access to classified information.  Ditto some other general named Allen, who is in a similar situation because of an affair (sort of).  That general was being considered to become NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

I still say it the whole thing sounds incredibly like Fox News fodder.  I am apparently not the only one who is astounded by this aspect of whatever is going on (and no one seems quite sure of that).  Still, affairs are evidently a violation of military law.  If that is true, it was a major case of Stupid by both generals.

Whatever happens, I hope Congress doesn’t use it as another excuse to be as paralyzed for the next 2 years as it has been for most of the past 4.

Further, let’s remember a couple of things: it was Congress that cut back on embassy security.  Also, there were many civilian attacks during the Bush Administration, only one of which led to this kind of consternation (September 11, 2001).

All in all, I hope the generals’ collective stupidity doesn’t become an excuse to indulge in impeachment proceedings (Obama), as Clinton’s zipper difficulties became an excuse to impeach and impeach again back in the 1990’s.  Heck, they still wanted to impeach him yet once again after he left office.  And what followed was one of the worst administrations in history in terms of this country’s economic health and its international standing.  They followed that with a House paralyzed by wild-eyed, woman-hating teabaggers who so loved zygotes that they forgot about feeding and educating actual children, among numerous other poisonous obsessions that had nothing to do with governance.

But still the Republicans want everyone to believe that they’re better at this defense and economy stuff.  They haven’t proven it.  And again, they’d better not take this as an opportunity to wallow endlessly in investigations and proceedings.  Rome is burning, kids.  Get to work and put the real fires out.

The Thought Occurs…

The thought occurs that if a bunch of “red” states actually secede from the U.S., the Democrats will probably have a majority in the House.  And then we can get back down to business again and govern the country instead of putting up with grown men and women running around trying to create scandals to avert attention from their own dirty laundry. (Heard much about investigations into Republican vote-stealing yet?  No?  Don’t hold your breath.) We could make progress instead of wasting time watching morons attempting to expose communist/socialist/Marxist Kenyans even though they can’t find any, or, failing that (because that is doomed to failure),  filibustering until they turn blue and generally being assholes.  This is about all the Republican House has accomplished in the past 4 years.  A Democratic one would be a nice dose of calm by comparison.

Yes, that would be very, very sweet.  Unfortunately it won’t happen.  But one can dream.

Because it’s so incredibly silly, though, I am giving everyone involved in every secession effort a Stupid of the Day Award.  Take a bow, wingnuts.

Jon Stewart destroys Papa John’s CEO: Should’ve pushed for single-payer | The Raw Story

Thank whatever deity you prefer (or if you prefer none,that’s okay too) for Jon Stewart.  He has such an entertaining way of stating the stark, painful truth:

Jon Stewart destroys Papa John’s CEO: Should’ve pushed for single-payer | The Raw Story.

Of Bullies and Bullying

Just read that none other than Newt Gingrich is suggesting that Republicans need to take time out to learn about their own country.  I was amazed; I thought that was unusually insightful of him.

Then I read another article that quoted another Republican pundit making guesses as to what the Republicans need to do to get back on radar (um…they didn’t lose by much, so I would suggest they never went off the radar, but anyway…).  His answer: make a few of the right noises about Hispanics and marijuana, and continue to blame Obama for everything.

Nothing about shutting the fuck up about gay marriage.  Nothing about zippering Republican mouths when it comes to subjects like rape and women’s rights.

Nothing about fixing the economy.

This, I gather, is from the same sort of person who, as CEO of a company that employs a lot of low-wage labor, vows to cut back on job creation because of being “forced” to pay .15 extra per worker (update: per pizza) for health insurance.

Yes, this is all from the same type of individual.  These individuals are bullies.

I have no doubt that all the answers Republicans have and will come up with to address their current unpopularity will be either inadequate or just plain wrong, because that is the hallmark of bullies: they have no clue.  Like my ex-friend, who is one of them, they were all convinced that might makes right; the election was in their pockets (by virtue of their pocketbooks), Romney would be elected and all would be white with America.  But they did not get their way and now they’re having a fit.  When they’re not having a fit, they’re trying to make sense of it all, but the conclusions they come to do not make sense because they haven’t any sense to base their conclusions on.  Further, they have built an entire news network to reassure them that all their wonky beliefs and conclusions are so correct as to be written in the Bible.  Kind of like the kids’ story The Emperor’s New Clothes.

It’s all Wonderland, Republican style.

That’s why I was so astounded by what Gingrich said.  Sometimes I think he’s a bully with perhaps half a lick of emotional intelligence, which is what bullies lack, and is what is needed to understand what’s going on in the U.S. right now.  But then I look at his history and I think, nah.

I’m going to drag the emerging generals-in-bed scandal into this because it’s another thing with hallmarks of the bully all over it…as in, it does not make sense in any light except a Republican attempt to create a scandal.  It’s a Fox-News fodder type of thing.  I mean, who the hell else gives a crap about what a general does in bed but a Republican trying to control something?

I’ll betcha that’s what it will turn out to be in the end, with a few unintended Republican scalps hanging all over it because, again, they did not see it coming.

This is what happens when you deal with life from the safety and unreality of bully-land, where everything goes your way or else: you get surprised a lot.  And sometimes, you really don’t like the surprises.

P.S. Here’s an ode to the blinkered Republican: Put Another Log on the Fire

Pennies for A-holes

There’s a movement afoot to send .15 cents or thereabouts to one John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, to “thank” him for his kind concern for his employees.  You see, Schnatter claims that Obamacare (never mind the effects of the drought and sky-high fuel prices) is driving him bankrupt and because of that he must shed employees.  Mind you, it is currently just over a year before Obamacare takes full effect.

To find my attitude toward this bullshit, please refer to my previous post about these current shenanigans from wealthy CEOs.  It was just a few posts back; hit the archive for November 2012 and you’ll find it.

It’s been surmised that major-chain restaurants that are pulling this crap (1) have shitty products as it is, and (2) are already in financial trouble.  Certainly they have built their businesses on treating their employees badly.

What they are not doing is winning anyone over to their side by behaving this way.  It’s called bullying, and it is not a mindset that has many fans.  Further, to argue “at least his employees have jobs” is to argue in favor of the Shitty-Jobs Economy, which we have been afflicted with for 3 decades now.  That argument comes with a great big “Don’t Go There” warning slapped on it.

So while I don’t support sending Schnatter even so much as .15, I do support not eating his pizzas.  It seems a fair number of people are agreeing with me.  A few have even mentioned that given Schnatter’s product, it’s not a hard pledge to make.  I’ll leave that up to you.

Anyway, if you insist on sending money to this poor millionaire (who lives, by the way, in a castle), here’s the address:
John Schnatter
Papa John’s Pizza
2002 Papa John’s Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40299

In other news, finally, finally a Republican woman has spoken out…but only with the safety of the election being over….against her party’s (now mostly unseated) pro-rape faction.  Read this.  I’m not even that troubled by her language.  “Legitimate rape” is also pretty graphic and totally unacceptable.

No, I’m only troubled that absolutely no one on that side spoke out earlier.

Hitting the Nail on the Head (for a change)

Although I wonder which President Dowd was thinking of when she talks about Obama in this article, I think she hits the nail on the head (for a change) about Romney and his followers’ refusal to accept reality — a refusal which is something I came face-to-face with prior to the election, at the cost of a friendship with one of the hard-right’s true believers:

Maureen Dowd on Romney’s Loss

A Bad Case of B.S. in Las Vegas

I just read an article about a Las Vegas employer who has fired a bunch of “Hispanic” employees following Obama’s re-election, because “Obamacare has forced me to do so due to the added expense of providing health insurance” or some bullshit like that.

And yes, it is bullshit.

FIRST OF ALL this particular bullshit has been going on for decades…since WWII.

PRIOR TO THAT a lot of people were going bankrupt and/or were dying without health insurance.

SINCE THEN it has continued to happen.

AND ANOTHER THING: for decades, employers have been (1) importing workers from overseas, paying them in pennies and not offering them benefits, and/or (2) exporting jobs overseas, and/or  (3) employing people part-time to avoid having to pay for health insurance costs.

All this tells me about the Las Vegas employer is that s/he had been guilty of least two of the three offenses in the previous paragraph.

It also tells me that this is going to be the latest Republican Bullshit to hit the fan, and that we’re going to be hearing a lot about it in the near future.  Whenever you do hear it, dear reader, remember and try to educate on the points I’ve just made.  And I’ll add one thing further:

Making employers responsible for providing health insurance is one of the WORST ideas in history.  Why?  See above.

In the absence of socialized medicine, health insurance needs to be a shared responsibility, much like automobile insurance.  Period.  Too many employers are too irresponsible to be trusted with such a huge responsibility.  We have to do it ourselves.

Now, no more bullshit.  Please.

Highly recommended further reading on this subject: History of health insurance and Nixon/Kennedy plan.

Just some post-election musing

I’ve been silent for a long time because I really, really didn’t know what to expect on election day.  As it was, things turned out better than I thought they would, even if they are still not nearly as good as they might be.  The House is still in wingnut hands.  That is not a good thing.

A good thing is I am left to imagine how I would have felt this morning to wake up to the news that a new administration was coming into Washington.  As I said previously, the Romney creature is nothing more than a handsome cloud of nebulous gasses.  I was no closer to understanding  or trusting him on election day than I was the day he declared his candidacy.  In fact, in-between, the cloud had gotten even more dense.

All I can imagine now is that his presidency would have been much like George W. Bush’s.  That is enough to make me shudder in horror.

I have questions as to why the election was so close, but those are based on numerous reports of vote fraud — the vast majority of which seemed to be on the Republican side.  I do have a strong feeling that Karl Rove’s weird freak-out on Fox (you will note that this was printed in Time‘s ENTERTAINMENT SECTION) was because he was convinced in advance of the results in Ohio, probably before anyone even voted, because someone in Prince Romney’s family had bought the voting machines in that state.  Didn’t something similar work very well for George W. in Florida (and Ohio)?

I won’t discuss the rest of it now as few of the stories have been verified and there were only 3 actual arrests that I heard of.  I don’t want to set off a big wingnut assault on this blog.  Oh hell…there will probably be one anyway, because I’ve said unkind things about Prince Romney.  Goodness knows their precious freedom of speech is violated every time someone like me speaks his or her mind, along with their gun rights, their God, their family, and several major quasi-biblical laws which aren’t actually in the Bible at all.

But what came to light with Rove’s freak-out, and also the wig-out of the fluffy coif-king Trump (calling for a revolution, no less — and I ask, by whom and for what?), and sadly also the meltdown of a person who had become a friend of mine in spite of the fact that I was aware that he was friends with one of the biggest-name wingnut radio screamers, as well as several other red flags…well what came to light was that these people had built a fantasy reality with their money and expected the rest of us to abide by it.  And when we didn’t (at least we didn’t in the cases of the Presidency and the Senate), they couldn’t handle it.

No, I am not laying all the blame solely on these three people.  I am aware that there is a deep level of ignorance and racism that exists in so many people in this country that appealing to it very nearly cost the the rest of us the election and very possibly the future of the U.S.  But the rest of us didn’t do the appealing; it is this type of person (the racist with resources) that has been appealing to the fears of the ignorant, and attempting to build a reality around them — a reality in which they, the wingnut elite, were and are the only true voices of the American people.  I lay the majority of the blame on exactly this type of person.  And it is on these people that I will be focusing my spotlight in the months to come.

It is worth mentioning that at one point my ex-friend was lamenting the fact that Prince Romney is a Mormon, and because of that my ex-friend couldn’t possibly vote for him, being an evangelical.  But later on, the ex must have felt desperate, having no other choice.  That was when he turned on me and blubbered and blustered all over my FB wall that the liberals had already lost this election and we weren’t going to change matters by posting jokes about Romney’s “binder” remark on FB.

Leave aside the fact that the ex is a male and I am not.  Leave aside the fact that I was deeply insulted by Prince Romney’s remark and that was the point of my re-posting a joke that was circulating on FB.  No.  None of that mattered.  All that mattered to the ex was that he and his ilk had bought this election with a guarantee that their scheme would work, and snerk, snerk, you little inconsequential creatures, you’ll just have to get used to it.

But it didn’t work.

All the pro-rape teabaggers, I am told, are gone from Congress (I have yet to verify this; certainly Bachmann is still there and goodness knows she’s one of the craziest of the crazy).  Unfortunately, as I said, the House is still controlled by the Republicans, but apparently it is not as extreme a group as it was.  And Romney isn’t president.  Clearly something went terribly awry with the right-wing elite’s purchase.

It’s going to be entertaining to watch them feed on each other.  But I can’t help thinking that perhaps we should feed on them a little.

As I said, I’ll be turning a spotlight on some of this crap in coming months.  Stay tuned.

11/9/12 update: the feeding frenzy has begun: Politics and More Politics.  They apparently don’t recognize that the party’s over, and that it likely won’t be so easy to play the race card after Obama is gone from office in 4 years.  With that element taken out of the game, everything else is going to be much, much harder (unless, of course, the Democrats nominate a woman candidate for president in 2016 — then they can appeal to the misogynists).