Just some post-election musing

I’ve been silent for a long time because I really, really didn’t know what to expect on election day.  As it was, things turned out better than I thought they would, even if they are still not nearly as good as they might be.  The House is still in wingnut hands.  That is not a good thing.

A good thing is I am left to imagine how I would have felt this morning to wake up to the news that a new administration was coming into Washington.  As I said previously, the Romney creature is nothing more than a handsome cloud of nebulous gasses.  I was no closer to understanding  or trusting him on election day than I was the day he declared his candidacy.  In fact, in-between, the cloud had gotten even more dense.

All I can imagine now is that his presidency would have been much like George W. Bush’s.  That is enough to make me shudder in horror.

I have questions as to why the election was so close, but those are based on numerous reports of vote fraud — the vast majority of which seemed to be on the Republican side.  I do have a strong feeling that Karl Rove’s weird freak-out on Fox (you will note that this was printed in Time‘s ENTERTAINMENT SECTION) was because he was convinced in advance of the results in Ohio, probably before anyone even voted, because someone in Prince Romney’s family had bought the voting machines in that state.  Didn’t something similar work very well for George W. in Florida (and Ohio)?

I won’t discuss the rest of it now as few of the stories have been verified and there were only 3 actual arrests that I heard of.  I don’t want to set off a big wingnut assault on this blog.  Oh hell…there will probably be one anyway, because I’ve said unkind things about Prince Romney.  Goodness knows their precious freedom of speech is violated every time someone like me speaks his or her mind, along with their gun rights, their God, their family, and several major quasi-biblical laws which aren’t actually in the Bible at all.

But what came to light with Rove’s freak-out, and also the wig-out of the fluffy coif-king Trump (calling for a revolution, no less — and I ask, by whom and for what?), and sadly also the meltdown of a person who had become a friend of mine in spite of the fact that I was aware that he was friends with one of the biggest-name wingnut radio screamers, as well as several other red flags…well what came to light was that these people had built a fantasy reality with their money and expected the rest of us to abide by it.  And when we didn’t (at least we didn’t in the cases of the Presidency and the Senate), they couldn’t handle it.

No, I am not laying all the blame solely on these three people.  I am aware that there is a deep level of ignorance and racism that exists in so many people in this country that appealing to it very nearly cost the the rest of us the election and very possibly the future of the U.S.  But the rest of us didn’t do the appealing; it is this type of person (the racist with resources) that has been appealing to the fears of the ignorant, and attempting to build a reality around them — a reality in which they, the wingnut elite, were and are the only true voices of the American people.  I lay the majority of the blame on exactly this type of person.  And it is on these people that I will be focusing my spotlight in the months to come.

It is worth mentioning that at one point my ex-friend was lamenting the fact that Prince Romney is a Mormon, and because of that my ex-friend couldn’t possibly vote for him, being an evangelical.  But later on, the ex must have felt desperate, having no other choice.  That was when he turned on me and blubbered and blustered all over my FB wall that the liberals had already lost this election and we weren’t going to change matters by posting jokes about Romney’s “binder” remark on FB.

Leave aside the fact that the ex is a male and I am not.  Leave aside the fact that I was deeply insulted by Prince Romney’s remark and that was the point of my re-posting a joke that was circulating on FB.  No.  None of that mattered.  All that mattered to the ex was that he and his ilk had bought this election with a guarantee that their scheme would work, and snerk, snerk, you little inconsequential creatures, you’ll just have to get used to it.

But it didn’t work.

All the pro-rape teabaggers, I am told, are gone from Congress (I have yet to verify this; certainly Bachmann is still there and goodness knows she’s one of the craziest of the crazy).  Unfortunately, as I said, the House is still controlled by the Republicans, but apparently it is not as extreme a group as it was.  And Romney isn’t president.  Clearly something went terribly awry with the right-wing elite’s purchase.

It’s going to be entertaining to watch them feed on each other.  But I can’t help thinking that perhaps we should feed on them a little.

As I said, I’ll be turning a spotlight on some of this crap in coming months.  Stay tuned.

11/9/12 update: the feeding frenzy has begun: Politics and More Politics.  They apparently don’t recognize that the party’s over, and that it likely won’t be so easy to play the race card after Obama is gone from office in 4 years.  With that element taken out of the game, everything else is going to be much, much harder (unless, of course, the Democrats nominate a woman candidate for president in 2016 — then they can appeal to the misogynists).

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