Of Bullies and Bullying

Just read that none other than Newt Gingrich is suggesting that Republicans need to take time out to learn about their own country.  I was amazed; I thought that was unusually insightful of him.

Then I read another article that quoted another Republican pundit making guesses as to what the Republicans need to do to get back on radar (um…they didn’t lose by much, so I would suggest they never went off the radar, but anyway…).  His answer: make a few of the right noises about Hispanics and marijuana, and continue to blame Obama for everything.

Nothing about shutting the fuck up about gay marriage.  Nothing about zippering Republican mouths when it comes to subjects like rape and women’s rights.

Nothing about fixing the economy.

This, I gather, is from the same sort of person who, as CEO of a company that employs a lot of low-wage labor, vows to cut back on job creation because of being “forced” to pay .15 extra per worker (update: per pizza) for health insurance.

Yes, this is all from the same type of individual.  These individuals are bullies.

I have no doubt that all the answers Republicans have and will come up with to address their current unpopularity will be either inadequate or just plain wrong, because that is the hallmark of bullies: they have no clue.  Like my ex-friend, who is one of them, they were all convinced that might makes right; the election was in their pockets (by virtue of their pocketbooks), Romney would be elected and all would be white with America.  But they did not get their way and now they’re having a fit.  When they’re not having a fit, they’re trying to make sense of it all, but the conclusions they come to do not make sense because they haven’t any sense to base their conclusions on.  Further, they have built an entire news network to reassure them that all their wonky beliefs and conclusions are so correct as to be written in the Bible.  Kind of like the kids’ story The Emperor’s New Clothes.

It’s all Wonderland, Republican style.

That’s why I was so astounded by what Gingrich said.  Sometimes I think he’s a bully with perhaps half a lick of emotional intelligence, which is what bullies lack, and is what is needed to understand what’s going on in the U.S. right now.  But then I look at his history and I think, nah.

I’m going to drag the emerging generals-in-bed scandal into this because it’s another thing with hallmarks of the bully all over it…as in, it does not make sense in any light except a Republican attempt to create a scandal.  It’s a Fox-News fodder type of thing.  I mean, who the hell else gives a crap about what a general does in bed but a Republican trying to control something?

I’ll betcha that’s what it will turn out to be in the end, with a few unintended Republican scalps hanging all over it because, again, they did not see it coming.

This is what happens when you deal with life from the safety and unreality of bully-land, where everything goes your way or else: you get surprised a lot.  And sometimes, you really don’t like the surprises.

P.S. Here’s an ode to the blinkered Republican: Put Another Log on the Fire