The Thought Occurs…

The thought occurs that if a bunch of “red” states actually secede from the U.S., the Democrats will probably have a majority in the House.  And then we can get back down to business again and govern the country instead of putting up with grown men and women running around trying to create scandals to avert attention from their own dirty laundry. (Heard much about investigations into Republican vote-stealing yet?  No?  Don’t hold your breath.) We could make progress instead of wasting time watching morons attempting to expose communist/socialist/Marxist Kenyans even though they can’t find any, or, failing that (because that is doomed to failure),  filibustering until they turn blue and generally being assholes.  This is about all the Republican House has accomplished in the past 4 years.  A Democratic one would be a nice dose of calm by comparison.

Yes, that would be very, very sweet.  Unfortunately it won’t happen.  But one can dream.

Because it’s so incredibly silly, though, I am giving everyone involved in every secession effort a Stupid of the Day Award.  Take a bow, wingnuts.

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