General Hanky-Panky

I commented as I did earlier about the General Patraeus scandal because that was all the information I had — that he’d been caught having an affair and had resigned.  Now it turns out that he gave or was about to give some testimony to Congress or something that countered earlier testimony given by the administration about Benghazi.  Supposedly he was forced to resign by the powers-that-be because of that.  No, says the FBI, it’s because Patraeus’s paramour may have had access to classified information.  Ditto some other general named Allen, who is in a similar situation because of an affair (sort of).  That general was being considered to become NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

I still say it the whole thing sounds incredibly like Fox News fodder.  I am apparently not the only one who is astounded by this aspect of whatever is going on (and no one seems quite sure of that).  Still, affairs are evidently a violation of military law.  If that is true, it was a major case of Stupid by both generals.

Whatever happens, I hope Congress doesn’t use it as another excuse to be as paralyzed for the next 2 years as it has been for most of the past 4.

Further, let’s remember a couple of things: it was Congress that cut back on embassy security.  Also, there were many civilian attacks during the Bush Administration, only one of which led to this kind of consternation (September 11, 2001).

All in all, I hope the generals’ collective stupidity doesn’t become an excuse to indulge in impeachment proceedings (Obama), as Clinton’s zipper difficulties became an excuse to impeach and impeach again back in the 1990’s.  Heck, they still wanted to impeach him yet once again after he left office.  And what followed was one of the worst administrations in history in terms of this country’s economic health and its international standing.  They followed that with a House paralyzed by wild-eyed, woman-hating teabaggers who so loved zygotes that they forgot about feeding and educating actual children, among numerous other poisonous obsessions that had nothing to do with governance.

But still the Republicans want everyone to believe that they’re better at this defense and economy stuff.  They haven’t proven it.  And again, they’d better not take this as an opportunity to wallow endlessly in investigations and proceedings.  Rome is burning, kids.  Get to work and put the real fires out.

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