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Ken Ham.  You probably don’t know the name, but he’s a businessman (a bad one, by all accounts), who is getting Kentucky government assistance to promote religious alternatives to science.  Just now he finally got in trouble, because to get one of this “job creator’s” jobs, one has to fill out forms about being saved, belief in the literal truth of the Bible, etc.  Since this is against the constitution of Kentucky, one can imagine that some people are crying foul.

What.ever.  That’s not the point here.  The point here is how this crap got started in the first place.

When I was growing up, almost half a century ago, religion was firmly in its place on the fringes of society.  No one would have even attempted to make a living by building a creationist museum or Noahide theme park.  John Kennedy faced some questions about his loyalty to the Pope during the 1960 elections, I understand, but no one really took it seriously.  Americans have never been terribly loyal to the Vatican in modern times, anyway, and everyone knew it.  They still aren’t, and even though the Vatican just spent over 30 years trying to shame, threaten, and finally cajole everyone back into church…well, they’ve given up.  For most Catholics, Church is still just something that happens on Sunday, when the guys in the skirts do your God stuff for you.  The present Pope has all but called church leaders a bunch of idiots, and anyone who’s paying attention is just nodding their noggin and going, “yup.”  But it doesn’t matter.  The game was lost long ago.  It was lost the moment the Vatican launched into their modern inquisition, which is a loser’s weapon of choice.

The Evangelical movement is apparently only just now feeling the pressure of the outside world, and they’re reacting by violently asserting that the bible holds the entire truth of creation, because it’s God’s word.  You know…kind of like the Vatican, only with the Bible involved.  Here’s the thing: if your faith is threatened by another thread of discovery/belief, then your faith ain’t worth much.  And now I will really piss you off:

Actually the Bible is a collection of myths from ancient civilizations, capped off by a rehashing of the dying god theme that runs through the pantheons of so many long-lost pagan religions.  But I digress.  What the Bible is NOT, is science.  And vice versa.

Get this, muddleheads: science is a process.  Religion is a conclusion.  Science cannot be a religion and religion cannot be a science. It’s almost as if religion is a noun and science is a verb, but not quite (cuz that’s incorrect).

That is to say that this entire argument is bogus.  Stupid.  A waste of time and resources, not to mention the taxpayers’ money in Kentucky.  I have friends there, none of whom are sympathetic to Ham.  It might be entertaining to ask them to contribute a word or two to this blog.

In the meantime, however, I’ll say this: Ken Ham apparently was hoping that it was true that a fool and his money soon go separate ways.  Unfortunately, he didn’t bank on not finding Kentucky to be full of fools.

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Pope on science

I can’t take it anymore!

I know, I know.  I haven’t posted here in years.  That’s because the crazy and the stupid got to be too much (and more seriously, because my personal life became nightmarish).  I have, however, developed enough of a tolerance that I’ll be back with a friggin’ vengeance in the near future.  See you all soon.