Projection 101

Trump’s sanity is questioned; he starts calling Clinton “unstable.”

Trump’s charitable activities are questioned; he refocuses the media on the Clinton Foundation and blows a ton of smoke on the nonexistent fire to keep their eyes there, and off of him.

Trump’s health is questioned and this is worsened by a very questionable medical letter allegedly written by a gastroenterologist (in five minutes in the back of a limo).  He demands to see Clinton’s health records, which she has already released, and calls her unhealthy.

Trump’s racist statements land him the title of “racist;” Trump calls Clinton a racist.

Attendance at Trump’s rallies is apparently dwindling to the point where, as one comment put it, “there was better attendance at Spinal Tap and the puppet show.”  Trump starts tweeting stuff about Clinton being able to fit her rallies into small outhouses.

Trump inexplicably cancels several campaign events, then says Clinton is “in hiding.”

See a pattern here, folks?

Turn it off

And now, folks, Trump TV

I have no doubt this is true, given Trump’s considerable history (detailed in the article) of launching businesses at the wrong time, and having them fail.  Why is it the wrong time? Fox News, presumably Trump’s model, is dying.  Of course it’s been dying off and on for years, but this time it appears that some real changes may be in order there, finally.  All backstage drama aside, much of their audience is due to check out in the next decade.  That’s bad for business.

The bigger issue is that cable in general is dying in places where geography does not make it necessary (and that’s much of the country).  Launching a new channel now is…well…stupid.  Glenn Beck bailed out of TV to exist online — where he’s doing as well as can be expected, I gather –and Sarah Palin, of course, failed miserably with her channel, but she still has enough loyal suckers to send money to her PAC, so she’s okay.  And Trump? Who knows what he will do when he fails.  No doubt he’ll cook up another major flim-flam scam, although running for president again would be out of the question.

He can’t go back to network TV, either.  A couple of comments from an executive at NBC indicate that the possibility is gone forever.  So much for Trump’s alleged scheme to boost his income by running for president, failing, and returning to the show in glory.  (If this is true, how could he ever think it would work?  Ah, it’s his business genius.)

I think the real issue here is the extent of Trump’s delusion.  It seems to be a rampant disease among Republicans; they do everything they can to make their wishes seem to be God’s command, and somehow it almost never works out, at least not for long.

Trump is by far the worst case ever.  But I recall 4 years ago when a Facebook friend became enraged by an anti-Romney meme I’d posted and sneered something like, “you liberals had better laugh now but you won’t be laughing in November.”  Yes, Republicans were convinced (possibly because they thought they had rigged the voting machines in various states) they were going to win.  Look what happened.

And they’re at it again; at least, Trump is.  And if they lose, according to Trump, it’s because of fraud.  Another case of projection.

All this rampant delusion makes me wonder, as I said in an earlier post, if Trump isn’t really, really serious about becoming president.  At least, I wonder if his ego is that serious, so much so that he can’t admit that he’s looking into the jaws of yet another huge, deep cavernous failure.

But these reports of him using this campaign as a sort of long job interview for his next venture — one that will somehow reward him if he fails, which he will — have been persistent.

November will not be interesting, but  I think December will.






And now I have a question for Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel takes down Bill O’Reilly

Good one, Ted.  It’s about time someone took that windbag O’Reilly down, once and for all.

However, there’s still one question I have that goes unanswered: who was behind this rot?  O’Reilly didn’t do it himself.

Some things are just wrong, but they aren’t anymore

Moore says Trump is self-sabotaging on purpose

My problem with this is that if Trump is just acting crazy, he’s doing a hell of a job.  He should not only get an Emmy, but also an Oscar.  Maybe Queen Elizabeth can make him a knight.  He seems to have decided that if there is any issue raised at all, such as with his sanity, it is a left-wing conspiracy and as soon as he is king/president, he’ll just outlaw it (or project it on his opponent as he is doing now) and that’s that. Do.Not.Ask.Questions.  And his followers lap this stuff up.

At this point I believe that Trump is truly in the grip of megalomania.  His skin is too thin for it to be an act.  Plus, he’s a lousy actor.

Of course, this is also what Moore is claiming (which kind of disqualifies his headline): Trump got into it just to promote himself and help his show, got a whiff of the seemingly tremendous power of the actual office, and now has gone completely off the rails trying to get it for himself.

Maybe he never thought it would get this far, as Moore seems to be saying.  Or else he decided early on that the rules did not apply to him and anyone who thought they did was an enemy not only of Trump, but of freedom and flag and apple pie and country.  And white people.  And guns.  Let’s never forget the guns.

This brings me to the point: for all his puffery, Trump, with his ambitions and his possible insanity, is beside the point.  His followers are also beside the point; crazies have always been crazies.  They respond readily to Pavlovian stimuli.  If it weren’t coming from Trump, it would be someone else.

Everything is beside the point except for this: how did Trump come to be okay enough for national attention, let alone the office of president?

I’ve heard some voices say that Trump is not the problem; his followers are the problem. I’ve also read that we are somehow all responsible for the rise of Trump.  As for the latter, I have a serious problem with that.  The population has been force-fed a steady stream of mediocrity for the past 30+ years, since Reagan bluffed and bumbled his way through the Presidency.  For a while we thought it could get no worse than Bush Jr. (who at least had enough weak qualifications for the office that his followers could make excuses for him), but nooooo…

Palin was the first highly visible national symptom that the problem of heaven-blessed mediocrity had finally gone too far.  She was unqualified, stupid and unashamed to be stupid.  But the conventional and online media largely chose to ignore it instead of sounding the alarm — and we have to ask, why?  Who paid them to do this?  Who wanted to make a silly, shallow, unqualified lump appear to be a sterling standard of statesmanship?

But someone did just that.  Thus set free, Palin attracted a rabid group of followers who still refuse to see through her to this day and think anyone who criticizes her is Satan. She continues to make a living off of her opinions, worthless as they may be.  And people keep asking her for them.

By ignoring Palin’s shortcomings, and even pandering to them, the media made it okay. After that, the festering problem indicated by Palin just got worse, and now we have a Trump infection going around.

So no…the problem is not so much with all of us, or even with Trump’s followers — the most rabid of which existed all along, but were kept in check by social restrictions that have now apparently gone by the wayside. There is nothing they can do wrong anymore that they can’t brush aside merely by projecting blame for their actions on to the media, or to “liberals,” or whatever.  They are, in their minds, the “patriots” and the heroes and are blameless and free of responsibility to society.  This is the damage that has been done, letting these idiots loose on the rest of us.

And who did it?  The people doing the force-feeding. The blame goes not to all of us, but to those who paid to create the problem.  They did it to further their own aims, and the idiots-at-large are their pawns who don’t and probably will never realize it.  Insert the old saw about a fool and his money here.

But, back to Trump, inconsequential as he may be in this general trend.  Is he seriously trying to get out of the campaign?  No, not anymore if he ever was. Is he crazy? Possibly. Is he a great actor?  Not if his TV show was any indication.

Will he win?  Probably not.  But that won’t stop the next mediocrity from coming along. They will keep coming along until we tackle the underlying problem — and that is not Trump or his followers, but whoever it was who freed them.




What he really meant…(doesn’t matter)

Trump supporter: “I like him because he says just what he means.”
Trump: “Somebody, shoot my opponent.”
Trump supporter: “He didn’t mean that.”
–James R. Bilbrey, 8/9/16

Trump already tried to walk back his giant hint today, claiming that…oh heck I don’t even remember what his excuse was, except that it had nothing to do with what he had actually said.

And so, the internet is abuzz now.  Has Trump finally gone too far?

My take: no.

Look at it this way: he’s already committed treason and while that caused a stir for a few days (was it last week?), no one’s saying much about it now.

And his incessant babbling (AH!  I think THAT was last week)…well, it’s so last week. Insanity has a short shelf life as news, you know.  Trump has already projected his apparent mental malfunctions onto his opponent, calling her some alleged taunt that sounds like it came from the mind of a 7-year-old on a playground (was it “unstable Hillary,” or “crazy Hillary” or something?)  So that’s that…Trump took care of it.  Hillary’s the one with the problem, not him.

Trump’s supporters and the media (including the Internet) have much in common: short attention spans and an addiction to fantasy.  Some Trumpettes are already calling Trump their “emperor god.” Supposedly this comes from a video game or something.  Sounds about right, no matter where it comes from.  It’s all a giant game of make-believe to them.  Lots of fast pace and sparkle, but no substance.  Reality, to them, is an illusion.

What I’m getting at is that this is just the latest Internet outrage.  By next week, it will be forgotten.

As for the video of people walking out of a Trump rally today while Trump spoke, I’m sure that will be talked about far more than what he was saying as they strolled out, something about the US being the most heavily taxed nation in the world.  It’s a flat-out lie, but that’s no matter.  What matters is that…well to put it mildly, how would Trump know anything about paying taxes?  He apparently doesn’t pay taxes, after all.

But that’s not very interesting.  What’s sexy now is his apparent call for the assassination of his opponent, and this is outrageous and unprecedented in modern history, and it sets a dangerous precedent, and blah, blah, blah.

I give it about 4 days before we’re on to the next thing.


What the bleeping hell

Word has it that Trump may drop out of the race.  Word also has it that some of the lead crazies in the Republican party — the very nutjobs whose wacky views led to Trump (sort of a myna bird for wacky views) being taken seriously enough to run for president — are going to stage an “intervention” with Trump to try to get him to modify his nutty behavior.

Ah, yes.  Instead of just giving him the heave-ho (and I’m sure there’s a way to do it), they are going to try to talk some sense into him.  Since they’re nuts, too…well, this ought to be entertaining.

I’m sure nothing will come of this, or maybe Trump will just split away from the Republicans and create his own party (if it comes to the latter, then we will have a firm answer to the question, “is he nuts?”).  Will be waiting to see if I’m right.

What’s even scarier than all of this is the fact that if Trump quits, or is forced out, one possible candidate to take his place would be Ted Cruz.  Bit like trading a pot of wacky for a kettle of what-the-bleeping-hell.

Addendum: it just got weirder:
What the bleeping hell