What the bleeping hell

Word has it that Trump may drop out of the race.  Word also has it that some of the lead crazies in the Republican party — the very nutjobs whose wacky views led to Trump (sort of a myna bird for wacky views) being taken seriously enough to run for president — are going to stage an “intervention” with Trump to try to get him to modify his nutty behavior.

Ah, yes.  Instead of just giving him the heave-ho (and I’m sure there’s a way to do it), they are going to try to talk some sense into him.  Since they’re nuts, too…well, this ought to be entertaining.

I’m sure nothing will come of this, or maybe Trump will just split away from the Republicans and create his own party (if it comes to the latter, then we will have a firm answer to the question, “is he nuts?”).  Will be waiting to see if I’m right.

What’s even scarier than all of this is the fact that if Trump quits, or is forced out, one possible candidate to take his place would be Ted Cruz.  Bit like trading a pot of wacky for a kettle of what-the-bleeping-hell.

Addendum: it just got weirder:
What the bleeping hell



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