What he really meant…(doesn’t matter)

Trump supporter: “I like him because he says just what he means.”
Trump: “Somebody, shoot my opponent.”
Trump supporter: “He didn’t mean that.”
–James R. Bilbrey, 8/9/16

Trump already tried to walk back his giant hint today, claiming that…oh heck I don’t even remember what his excuse was, except that it had nothing to do with what he had actually said.

And so, the internet is abuzz now.  Has Trump finally gone too far?

My take: no.

Look at it this way: he’s already committed treason and while that caused a stir for a few days (was it last week?), no one’s saying much about it now.

And his incessant babbling (AH!  I think THAT was last week)…well, it’s so last week. Insanity has a short shelf life as news, you know.  Trump has already projected his apparent mental malfunctions onto his opponent, calling her some alleged taunt that sounds like it came from the mind of a 7-year-old on a playground (was it “unstable Hillary,” or “crazy Hillary” or something?)  So that’s that…Trump took care of it.  Hillary’s the one with the problem, not him.

Trump’s supporters and the media (including the Internet) have much in common: short attention spans and an addiction to fantasy.  Some Trumpettes are already calling Trump their “emperor god.” Supposedly this comes from a video game or something.  Sounds about right, no matter where it comes from.  It’s all a giant game of make-believe to them.  Lots of fast pace and sparkle, but no substance.  Reality, to them, is an illusion.

What I’m getting at is that this is just the latest Internet outrage.  By next week, it will be forgotten.

As for the video of people walking out of a Trump rally today while Trump spoke, I’m sure that will be talked about far more than what he was saying as they strolled out, something about the US being the most heavily taxed nation in the world.  It’s a flat-out lie, but that’s no matter.  What matters is that…well to put it mildly, how would Trump know anything about paying taxes?  He apparently doesn’t pay taxes, after all.

But that’s not very interesting.  What’s sexy now is his apparent call for the assassination of his opponent, and this is outrageous and unprecedented in modern history, and it sets a dangerous precedent, and blah, blah, blah.

I give it about 4 days before we’re on to the next thing.


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