Life in the S#*%-storm

I haven’t been writing because of security concerns, and because I’ve been ill at the thought of somewhere around 20% of the U.S. population being stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump.  But as of today, I’ve decided I have something to thank them for.

Courtesy of the Trump-suckers, welcome to life in the shit-storm.  Today (Wednesday, 3/22/17) it’s hitting the fan faster than I can type.

In some ways, that’s a good thing.  I’ve suspected for years that something wasn’t right with the Republican party.  They were sending out too many unqualified, loony, weird-looking candidates and were having too much success doing so.  It’s only now when all the shit is hitting the proverbial fan that I start to see why and how this has been happening.

We now have at least circumstantial evidence that not just Trump, but most of his cabinet and several ranking members of the House and Senate are Russian agents (so to speak), either wittingly or unwittingly.  “Useful idiots,” as it were.  And we have Trump and his suckers to thank for that.  Without the jolt of the very fact that this dolt was elected, none of this would ever have come to light in our lifetimes.

As of today, with each passing minute, the evidence against all of them — circumstantial as it may be — is piling up faster than the snow in an eastern-seaboard blizzard.  It’s the perfect shit-storm.  And the best part of it is, it can’t easily be shoveled off the walk and passed by with blinders on, in the hope that it will soon be forgotten.  That’s because there’s just too much of it.

I have to mention the public reaction to all this.  Of course, the 20% with Trumpitis will never believe any of it, not even in the unlikely event that Trump is led to the gallows for treason (more seriously, there has been a lot of talk about impeachment; but impeachment won’t necessarily get rid of him, so I prefer not to dwell on it).  If it comes to that point, the Trump-suckers will blame it on aliens or something.  Or they’ll claim that Trump is still president even after he’s been removed from office because they believe in some…I don’t know…”deep state” or something.  (You know, kind of like Elvis still being alive.)  Never mind that all it is is a deep state of denial on their part; to them, it’s reality.  And that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.  The rest of us can go to hell.

And so, courtesy of our Trump-sucker friends, massive gerrymandering, wonky voting machines, voter suppression (not fraud), a corrupt Electoral College, and of course not forgetting Russia, here we are in the middle of a shit-storm in hell.

Around 40% of the population recognize this in varying degrees and are in varying degrees of panic, and have been since November.  In addition, I’ll wager there is another 15% who have no idea what time of day it is or what country they’re in.  They’re too busy talking on their cell phones to realize that their country has fallen down around their ears.  The last 25% are kids, but I have to give them credit.  Young as they are, a lot of them seem perfectly aware that something is wrong…which is more than I can say for the 20% who voted for Trump.

And what’s wrong?  Following is a dose of reality for those who can take it.  I remind you that most of this thus far is based on circumstantial evidence and is not proven.  Funny how “proof” has become so much harder to come by lately than it was when Hillary Clinton was dragged before Congress over and over to explain her emails and Benghazi, or when people kept saying that Obama was an immigrant.  Actually there was no proof then, either, but the point is that it didn’t seem necessary.  Now, however, even with an avalanche of circumstance behind every allegation (unlike the allegations against Clinton and Obama), proof is a rare commodity all of a sudden, or at least it seems almost impossible to obtain at a level that satisfies those who are trying to protect Trump.

And there are a lot of those:

Trump – positively floating on Russian waters in spite of his denials that he even knew the word “Russia” before just recently.  “Fake!”  There seem to be Russians around him no matter where he goes, except in Washington, where he is surrounded by Russian surrogates.  “Fake!”  But still he claims, “Russia?  Where’s that?”  Meantime he tweets shit about Obama and Clinton at 3:00 a.m., making up stories about how they are guilty of the things he himself has done. FAKE.

Pence – either a liar, or he needs to carry a full-sized calendar around with him.  Wikileaks is talking crap about him so I doubt he’s deeply involved with Russia, or maybe it’s just another smokescreen.  Whatever, he’s got enough stupidity and scandals of his own where he likely won’t last long if by some miracle the rest of them are prosecuted and he is left alone and exposed.

Sessions – talked to the Russians, lied to Congress about it, but nothing substantial seems to be happening to him as a result (more on that in the future).  Yes he was forced to recuse himself from any investigations of the Trump-Russia connection, but that’s no big deal because we have…

Bannon – what his deal is no one knows or cares; he’s just a sodden sad-sack lump with some political savvy to the extent that he’s very good at destroying basic governmental functions without batting an eyelash.   But the fact is that his Breitbart is being investigated for its connection to Russian bots.  I’m sure Breitbart will be allowed to claim that they are SHOCKED, SHOCKED to hear that Russians attached bots to their site, and that will be the end of it as far as Congress is concerned (not the IC, however).  Anyway…you get it…Russia.

Tillerson – Putin’s closest American buddy.  Seems too tired to do his job and claims he never wanted it.  Never mind the reason he got it (something about a zillion-dollar oil deal that could make Putin the richest man in the world, and is probably the reason Putin pushed so hard to get Trump elected).

And then there’s that business about him wanting to skip a NATO meeting to go carouse with his buddies in Russia.  But never mind, nothing to see here.  He’s very tired and hates his job, after all.

Flynn – lied (about Russia), got caught, got fired, and that was supposed to be the end of it.  ALL of it.  Not another word about Russia, you hear?  Only it isn’t the end of it.  When last observed, Flynn was covering his ass and I’m guessing getting ready to sing.

Manafort – there’s so much going on here that I have trouble keeping it straight, but apparently he got caught hiding massive amounts of Russian and Ukrainian money (paychecks?), acting as an unregistered Russian operative in the U.S., and pulling pro-Russian crap in Ukraine.  Now he may be getting ready to sing, as he’s hired some sort of crisis-management PR agency.  Meantime, Trump is trying hard to deny he ever met his former campaign manager.  You’d think that he’d still be reeling over the (rather unforgettable) fact that Manafort maneuvered him into taking on Pence as his running mate, but probably all Trump can think about is “why can’t I tell Pence, ‘you’re fired?’  It worked on TV!”

McConnell – protected Trump last fall when Obama wanted to go public with the fact that the FBI was investigating Russian interference in our election which was apparently favoring Trump.  Now his wife has a post in the Cabinet.  Russian connections are not clear at the moment, but I have no doubt that they are there.

Ryan – an oddly suppressed oil scandal, a long-buried insider trading scandal, probably has some Russian financial support as well, and he definitely benefited from the Russian email hacks, although lord knows we haven’t heard much about that, either.  He’s generally a creepy, icky, sucky creature such as one would find in the muck of a swamp.  Ironic, isn’t it.

Chaffetz — Russian financial ties.

Nunes — Russian financial ties.

Gowdy — I honestly forgot what I heard about him — it got lost in the shit-storm — but I’m sure it has something to do with Russia.  And oh yes, his entire lengthy Benghazi investigation was bullshit.

Giuliani – Russia.  Wikileaks.  Something to do with rogue FBI agents.  And too stupid to keep his mouth shut about it.

Stone – peripheral character, not in any official position, but too tied to Russia and Trump to be ignored.

Page – pretty much ditto Stone.

Meantime there are anywhere from 6 to 10 unexplained Russian deaths; at least a few of these people were in Trump’s/Putin’s orbit.  And that ain’t all.  In fact, there’s so much Russia showing up all over Washington D.C. that one wonders if the town’s somehow been transported and is now a suburb of Moscow.

Still, even with all of this (and I’ve actually barely left a fingerprint on the veneer), I’m sure Trump’s supporters will tell you, “nothing to see here.”  And all I have to say in response is, “it must be nice on your planet.”  Because whatever planet they’re on, it sure ain’t Earth.

And what is Congress going to do about all of this?  Didn’t I just mention a lot of their leaders?  You have your answer: they will do as much of nothing as possible.

Diane Feinstein did hint the other day that (because so many Republicans are tied up with Russia in one way or another?) the Democrats may choose to leave the Russia issue to the intelligence community, and meantime pursue Trump via the emoluments avenue.  Certainly they seem to (no PROOF again) have a lot to nab Trump on there, without unduly alarming their oh-so-delicate, oh-so-nervous, and apparently oh-so-guilty Republican counterparts.  There is, after all, nothing to be revealed about the rest of them by investigating whether Trump is profiting hugely off of being President.  Plus, she hinted (wishfully, I think) that the problem may take care of itself, and Trump will magically quit.

My take on it is that he can’t quit.  If he quits, the Russians may kill him.  But that’s just an idea.  Honestly, however, how can you believe anything else when all these Russians keep turning up dead?

Also about the emoluments thing: Trump is so tangled up in Russia that there is no guarantee that investigating him in that avenue will ensure that no one in Congress is unwittingly exposed.  So it’s a nice thought, Feinstein, and for sure you know far more about this than I do.  But I don’t accept it as a legitimate avenue of investigation at this point, in and of itself.  Investigate Russia and you end up with Russia; investigate conflicts of interest and profiteering and you also end up with Russia.  The Republicans cannot allow either investigation to happen, so they will continue to do as much of nothing as they possibly can.

All roads lead to Russia from Washington D.C., and there is no escaping that fact.  And that, my friends, is why we are stuck in a shit-storm from hell for the time being.  Thank you so much Trump voters, for unwittingly bringing all this out into the open.  But that’s all we have to thank you for.