Making sense of nonsense

Here’s a great analysis of how Trump managed to back himself into this corner and take the rest of us with him.  That he’s a flimflam man is something almost no one — except about 20% of the U.S. population — doubts, and it still baffles me why even that many people can’t see through him.

But the article in the following link doesn’t address that.  What it does is offer a unified theory of why Trump has done what he has done, and it all comes down to just one thing: bottomless greed, greed so fathomless that it drove him to deal with loan sharks since his only other major feature is that he has no talent for anything at all and must keep borrowing (and going bankrupt) to survive.  The author of this piece feels that this has led him to become a walking money-laundering machine for Russian oligarchs, which is how we ended up where we are today — with him as president, ultimately failing.

The Kremlin’s Man

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