Chris Hayes Explains it all for you

Chris Hayes

This is lengthy, but worthwhile to listen to.  First it explains that Putin’s widely-reported, desperate denials of Russian involvement in our election have been for naught.  Putin apparently doesn’t understand what he’s gotten himself into because (not only does he not understand the U.S., but) that’s not the entire, or the original, reason for the investigations into Russia/Trump/the mafia.  The original reason was financial corruption — Russia’s, and by extension Trump’s.  In the end, the tie-in with our election is a consequence of everything else that happened.  So even if the election collusion can’t be proven, there’s still all this other stuff, some of which already has been proven.

Yes, financial misdoing still could take Trump out of office.  Remember what I said about Trump’s fathomless greed.  He is so amoral and consumed with avarice that he is blind to the laws governing conflicts of interest, and in the end, it might be that and not the election tampering that will take him down.

Also read the previous post in this blog; it ties in very strongly with what you’ll hear in the linked podcast.

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