This sort of explains everything

I’m still checking up on the veracity of the site, but this article seems to be legit:

Why the FBI can’t tell all

If true, it does explain a few things, such as why Obama didn’t pressure Comey to resign after Comey basically screwed up the election by making a bogus announcement about emails…well, actually, he didn’t.  Clinton still won by nearly 3,000,000 votes, and it may have been more if there hadn’t been so much voter suppression (not voter fraud), wonky voting machines, and voter intimidation, not to speak of gerrymandering.  And she may even have won the electoral college vote had not at least 50 Republican members of the college been there illegally.

But I digress.  People are still asking why Obama didn’t put the hammer on Comey, and what’s stated in this article may be why.

Palmer Report stated yesterday that several members of the New York Bonano (sp) crime family have suddenly been arrested, and that this particular crime family has connections to Russian mobsters.  He instantly drew the conclusion that this said something about Trump.  I won’t go that far, but having read this article, I might be tempted.

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