Psy-ops and other stuff

Louise Mensch over on Twitter has spent the evening tweeting about Russian psy-ops, and how a Russian spy ring at Cambridge University managed to get their hands on the information of every American using Facebook, (which led to targeted fake news, conspiracy theories, trolling, etc), and somehow Flynn was involved.  This, she claims, is the basis of the whole Trump-Russia story.

I don’t agree.  Yes, psy-ops were and are an issue; they are a major weapon of the Russians in their cyber-crimes and if Trump and co. knew about the psy-ops and malicious cyber-mischief conducted on their behalf, that’s very possibly treason.  But understanding that is only one part of the story we are dealing with here.  To focus on this exclusively is like investigating a murder by only looking at the gun found at the scene when the victim was actually clubbed to death.  Yes, the gun will tell you a bit, but so will the club, the scene of the crime, the victim, the victim’s family and friends, etc.

Which is to say that I don’t understand her current laser focus on this issue.  Maybe in time I will, but right now?  No.

Something else has been bothering me lately.  I couldn’t bear to watch the Trump-Clinton debates, but like everyone else I was force-fed parts of them.  And one thing I remember Trump saying that is never quoted anymore was, “just declare me the winner (of the election) now.”  It was something like that, and it was in the last debate.  If anyone recalls this, let me know.  I can’t find any record of it.  And that’s odd; it was a spectacularly strange thing to say, as Trump was far down in the polls at the time, and it was commented on. But now it’s as if it never happened.

The fact is, Trump didn’t come up with that himself.  Someone told him to say it; either that or he felt very smug and sure of himself because he knew about all the crap going on behind the scenes.

What happened after that was even stranger.  Trump actually went on to lose the popular vote, and would not have ended up in the White House if it had not been for a very corrupt Electoral College.  Something that is no longer being mentioned is that at least 50 Republican Electors should not have been allowed to vote, as they were in the College illegally.  Why is this never mentioned anymore?  Yes, the Republican National Committee has also been linked to the Russians (something else we don’t hear enough about), but again, I doubt this has been going on for as long as the general corruption has.  The corruption has been there since Nixon, at least; the Russian problem has not.  And the corruption allowed the Russians to succeed, not the other way around.

What I’m saying is that while the psy-ops drove apart friendships and even families, and while a lot of U.S. Americans were made physically ill by the psychological stress of the election, in the end the psy-ops did not really work on the scale that they might have.  Total corruption is what pushed the whole scheme over the top.  Total corruption is what led to the Electoral College, and Congress, being the mess they are today.  And now the corruption has reached deeply into the Executive Branch where the new administration brought Russia along in its baggage, and somehow deposited the infection not only in the Executive branch but in Congress (in that case, even before the new administration was elected).  But it’s just double the corruption, not the beginning of it.

Anyway, we are left with this:

Yes, The White House And GOP Conspired To Shut Down The Trump-Russia Investigation–Here’s The Proof

Collusion like that was not built since last March on the strength of psy-ops, folks.  That’s the end result of something that has been going on for decades.

P.S.  For what it’s worth, happy April Fool’s Day: White House Leaker