Coincidence overload

It’s been relatively quiet, kinda sorta…at least, this counts as quiet compared to what we’ve been used to lately.

All we found out today was that Betsy DeVos’ brother, an executive of Blackwater (or its founder) tried to become the go-between between Trump and a representative of Putin in January.  Objective: some sort of favor in exchange for lifting sanctions on Russia.  Nothing much, eh?  Just explains (along with that thing about the server in Trump Tower that was communicating both with Russia and a company owned by DeVos and her husband), how the spectacularly unqualified, stupidly grinning DeVos ended up as Secretary of Education.  Or it could be just coincidence, right?

Could it also be a coincidence that Dick Cheney showed up on the outskirts of the Trump circle for a bit, before he decided the whole thing was a bit too nuts even for him?

There are a lot of such coincidences in the Trump cabinet, and in his circle of advisors.  Don’t get me started on Tillerson, for example, and then there’s Bannon.

Yes, take Bannon.  Please.  Turns out some company he was an executive in benefited from the Russian theft of the voter rolls in several states.  As a result of the information theft, people received targeted fake news, or something like that.  Anyway, ultimately it had a benefit for Bannon and his employer.  And Paul Ryan, apparently.

Another coincidence?  No doubt.

Can’t get enough coincidence?  Caroline O. Tweet